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*E3D V6 Hotend - 1.75mm Universal

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The V6 is E3D's flagship HotEnd featuring an all-metal design with high-temperature performance. The V6 is an incredibly versatile HotEnd allowing a wide variety of filaments to be used as standard. Whether you’d like to experiment with more advanced materials or print at different resolutions and sizes, the E3D V6 ecosystem is suited for every application.

High-temperature performance

The benefit of an all-metal design means the V6 can comfortably reach 285°C with the supplied thermistor. If you’d like to print at higher temperatures (up to 500°C) then you can simply swap the thermistor with a PT100 or thermocouple (may require additional electronics). This allows you to print standard materials such as PLA, PETG and ABS as well as high-temperature materials such as Polycarbonate, Ultem, Nylon and PEEK.

Easy to use

The V6 features a cartridge-style heater block, enabling a no-fuss approach to replacing both heater cartridges and temperature sensors. Replacement thermistors, PT100’s and thermocouples can be slid into place and secured with a grub screw, ensuring maintenance is simple and painless.


Our all-metal heat break maintains a sharp thermal break to provide better control over filament output; improving start and stops when extruding, as well as more effective retraction, combating oozing and stringing. The all-metal heat break features a refined internal surface finish to reduce extrusion force and improve the reliability of retractions.

Key features:

  • All metal heat break
  • Maximum temperature: 285ºC
  • Cartridge style heater block 
  • Groove mount

Direct Kit includes:

  • 1 x V6 heatsink 1.75mm
  • 1 x V6 heat break 1.75mm
  • 1 x V6 brass 0.4mm nozzle 1.75mm
  • 1 x V6 duct
  • 1 x V6 aluminum heater block 
  • 1 x Heater cartridge 12V or 24V
  • 1 x Thermistor cartridge
  • 1 x Thermistor extension cable
  • 1 x 30 x 30 x 10 fan 12V or 24V
  • 1 x Thermal compound
  • 1 x V6 fixings kit
  • 1 x V6 silicone sock
  • 1 x PTFE tubing 100mm

Bowden Kit includes above, plus:

  • 1 x PTFE tubing 800mm (instead of 100mm)
  • 1 x bowden connector for extruder side

Buy an E3D V6 hotend assembly from Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!

SKU: E3DV6-175


4 out of 5 (based on 15 ratings)
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V6 Hotend

Easy to put together and works great!
Posted by Adam, October 28, 2021

E3d v6

Great hot end. Easy to install and I was able to print a nice adapter for my ender3 v2. Only downside is I had to extend the wires so I could have a full range of motion on the machine.
Posted by Gavin lengert, October 11, 2021

Night and day difference from the stock hotend

The original J Head V5 knockoff on my Anycubic couldn’t handle PETG for long before having extrusion issues. Since swapping it out for this E3D V6 with all metal heat break I have had zero clogs or extrusion issues. One of the best upgrades by far. Money well spent.
Posted by Jay, May 10, 2021

Great Upgrade

Delivery was quick and product is still working great after a few weeks of prints. No problems with clogs, even with PLA which I've read can be a problem with some clones.
Posted by Alex, February 17, 2021

E3D V6

I love this companies products! The two e3d hot ends I have never give me any issues, assemble perfectly and look great. This hot end went on my Anycubic Chiron, it has been running on average for 30-35 hours a week non-stop for months and never gives me any head aches (Unlike the stock Jbody hot ends these machines ship with). Cant recommend these hot ends enough, they just work!
Posted by Ray J, February 04, 2021

spool3d appreciation

Hello, Your website is just awesome! Ordering a product is as easy as ordering Chinese food. Documentation required to assemble, install, firmware configuration and troubleshooting is readily accessible in an easy fashion. Bravo to the Team!! Jean-Yves
Posted by Jean-Yves Monette, December 02, 2020

E3d v6 hotend

Hi, delivery was really fast and everything was fine except the thermistor. One of the wire was broken so i was not able to test the hotend at end. Will have to put more money again on this printer....
Posted by Antoine St-Pierre, August 05, 2020

Genuine is best

After struggling with chinese clone hotends I finally decided to try the real thing and so glad I did. It's like night and day and has worked great for me. I should have got the genuine product in the beginning and saved myself a lot of headaches.
Posted by Dave, July 28, 2020

Started to believe this was the worst upgrade ever.

So, I have now gone through 2 complete ED3 hot ends... The first one stated to jam up, clogs, filament being chewed up. I then tried to increase temperature, but it would jam or cause the hobb bolt to skip and chew up the filament Than I added and filament oiler still the same. During one clog I broke the center tube. Me Bad... So, I ordered a new complete hotend, and still no changes. I then changed out the hobb bolt hoping that this would give the pressure need, Still no luck, going back to a standard Hex Hottend.
Posted by Stanley, June 05, 2019