3D printer upgrades and parts from E3D-Online - available in Canada.

E3D-online supplies hotend parts direct to Prusa.  The E3Dv6 is the exact 3D printer hotend that Prusa supplies with their printer.

Upgrade your Creality Ender 3 or Prusa i3 to E3D's latest extruder and hotend  combination - the E3D Hemera (formerly known as Hermes).  Available as a bowden kit or direct kit.  We also carry all the E3D Hemera spares offered by E3D.

The E3Dv6 all metal hotend has become a standard for 3D printer hotends.  Available as a self assembled or fully assembled kit in direct or bowden configurations. We even carry the Gold edition. All 1.75mm spare parts are available here.  All E3Dv6 nozzles for this ecosystem are available in standard brass, hardened steel, stainless steel, plated copper, and the new E3D NozzleX.

E3D Titan is available in Extruder-only, Titan Aero, and Titan Aqua (for water cooled 3D printers) forms.

E3D also makes hotends that build off the E3Dv6 -  the Lite6, Volcano and Super Volcano, for those really big 3D prints.

E3D also enables multi-extrusion printing with their dual extruder Chimera and Cyclops and multi-extrusion Kraken hot ends.

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