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E3D v6 Nozzle X - 1.75mm Filament


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The Nozzle X is E3D's NEW ‘One to rule them all’ nozzle, made from a special alloy of tool steel they have been able to create a nozzle that is immensely hard, but also maintains its hardness to high temperatures without softening. They have also added a layer of hard, slick nickel plating which provides a fantastic balance of cost and wear resistance. The cherry on the top? E3D's NEW WS2 ‘polyphobic’ nano coating, no longer will you find hot molten polymers sticking to your nozzle.

Comes with a lifetime guarantee (covering wear only).

Whilst E3D's hardened steel nozzles are ideal for printing abrasive filaments such as ones loaded with Carbon Fibre, the extreme temperatures can cause the steel to temper and soften, ultimately reducing its abrasion resistance. And then there's their plated copper nozzles, able to cope easily with these immense temperatures but lacking the abrasion resistance required to resist Carbon Fibre. This is where the Nozzle X comes in, a nozzle able to withstand crazy temperatures without softening. 

By going with a one-piece all-machined construction they were able to use their existing manufacturing processes to create their carefully tuned internal geometry, which provides fantastic flow response and keep the exact same geometry and compatibility as the rest of the E3D ecosystem. 

Benefits of the WS2 ‘polyphobic’ nano-coating:

Less build up, particularly of sticky and filled materials to the nozzle cone Improved first layer reliability; the slick coating has a reduced tendency to ‘drag’ material, particularly at sharp corners where tracks can peel up Slicker, smooth top solid layers with a glassy like finish as a result of the smooth laydown of material Easier nozzle cleaning, what little material that does adhere is easily wiped away with a paper towel leaving a very clean nozzle. 

All nozzles in the series are individually identifiable with markings on the flats of the hex head making them even more convenient to work with. See the table for more information on what these markings mean

Package contents:

  • 1 Nozzle X for E3D 1.75mm V6 hotend of chosen orifice size

Buy E3D v6 NozzleX 3D printer nozzles in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!

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Nozzle X is the way to go

These nozzles are the best. Prints using all filaments (including abrasives) but maintains the print quality of brass! Well worth the extra money. Used on a Prusa MK3S+.
Posted by Chad, November 23, 2021

Always Nozzle X

My go to nozzles for my prusa machines. Great for abrasive and high temp filaments
Posted by Cory, August 29, 2021

Probably worthwhile for some

Pretty pricey for a nozzle, but I have a daughter and she wants everything printed in glow in the dark or other abrasive filaments, so for me it made sense to grab at least one in 0.4mm. Just remember that you may need to increase print temps and should be good for a while with this.
Posted by Alex, February 17, 2021

Nozzle X 0.6mm

While a little pricey, the first few hours i have on it are positive. I need to tune my slicers settings a bit from the standard 0.4mm brass nozzle, but it so far has worked well with, amz3d PETG and PLA and Filaments_ca Carbon Fiber Nylon.
Posted by Brendon, July 29, 2019

E3D Nozzle X V6 - 1.75mm

It works, but so far dont see any difference with the cheap nozzles.
Posted by brian tabert, July 08, 2019