*E3D V6 Bowden Hotend Full Kit - 1.75mm Universal

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E3D-v6: Smaller - Easier - Higher Performance.

Hotends have the new heater block and thermistor cartridge introduced in June 2016.

Assembly guidelines for the v6 can be found here.

Print the Widest Range of Materials Possible.



Building on E3D's signature high temperature performance that allows you to print high temperature materials E3D has now focussed on adding increased functionality with soft and flexible filaments. By providing a PTFE liner tube through the hotend that you can extend into your extruder this gives the ability to add the confinement and constraint needed to make excellent quality prints with flexible filaments like NinjaFlex, FlexPLA and FlexPolyester. This opens up a huge range of new opportunities for your printer.

(PTFE Liner only present in 1.75mm version - 3mm Bowden has partial lining - 3mm Direct has no lining)



This above cutaways show the internals of all three HotEnds. Left to Right: 1.75mm Universal, 3mm Direct, 3mm Bowden.


High Temperature Peformance.



With no PEEK or PTFE in hot regions of the E3D V6 HotEnd you can reach 300C with the supplied thermistor. By swapping a thermistor for a thermocouple (may require additional electronics) you can reach over 400C. 

This not only allows you to print extremely high temperature materials like Polycarbonate and Nylons but also eliminates HotEnd meltdown failures associated with PEEK/PTFE designs. Although E3D's latest v6 hotend has a PTFE liner inside the hotend this liner is never subjected to high temperatures so there is no risk of damaging the liner through overheating.

The new HeaterBlock gives the fastest heat up times and the most responsive temperature control by clamping around the cartridge for maximum thermal contact. The new thermistor placement means you get the most accurate temperature readings with the fastest response. What this means for you the user, is that you can go from 20C to 200C in just 65 seconds, temperature control is responsive enough that you can keep the hotend within 0.5C of your set temperature or less with ease.


Package Contents:

  • Genuine unassembled E3D V6 Full Bowden Kit - 1.75mm filament; 12V or 24V heater cartridge; 0.4mm brass nozzle, V6 silicone sock, 30mm fan
  • 0.8m PTFE tubing

Buy a genuine E3D V6 hotend assembly from #Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!

SKU: E3DV6-175##BOW


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Started to believe this was the worst upgrade ever.

So, I have now gone through 2 complete ED3 hot ends... The first one stated to jam up, clogs, filament being chewed up. I then tried to increase temperature, but it would jam or cause the hobb bolt to skip and chew up the filament Than I added and filament oiler still the same. During one clog I broke the center tube. Me Bad... So, I ordered a new complete hotend, and still no changes. I then changed out the hobb bolt hoping that this would give the pressure need, Still no luck, going back to a standard Hex Hottend.
Posted by Stanley, June 05, 2019

Works Great so Far

Did a lot of research before upgrading my stock hotend on my Tarantula. Really happy with this hotend.
Posted by Les, April 09, 2019

Great hotend

Everything you need is in the package, It is a great hotend and i have now got 2 printers using them. Upgraded my Ender 3 as i wanted an all metal hotend to print nylon, and this was only marginally more money than the micro swiss drop in replacement.
Posted by Brendon, October 04, 2018

Fast shipping with quality packaging

E3d working as expected from a top of the line product. The shipping was fast and well packaged.
Posted by Jonathan Fortin, July 18, 2017

the real deal

Bought to replace a cheap chinese knock off, never going back. Came with everything needed and give really good results. Did not get a single jam so far, cheap copy always jam and ruin print.
Posted by undefined, July 07, 2017

It fits like a gloive

I bought a Prusa I3 MK2S printer this year. I have it on almost 24 hours a day printing all different stuff for me and a little girl pus a few neighbours. My printer started to have a few blog of plastic coming out from nowhere, while I check if all was tight between the heated block and the cooler were the plastic was leaking I broke the tube, so I order a piece the full hot end system, it fitted with no problem. The only small thing is instead of a 12V 40W heater I got a 12V 30W one, it works great but for the extruder to reach is temperature it take a bit longer to reach. I am very satisfied with it and my machine produce nice 3d printing
Posted by Daniel Bouarassa, July 03, 2017

Has drastically improved my prints

Really great product. Simply worked after installing.
Posted by Alex, April 11, 2017