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E3D Block & Sock V6 Upgrade Kit


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A V6 aluminium HeaterBlock upgrade kit to upgrade an old thermistor clamping type V6 block to the cartridge type Heaterblock to enable the use of cartridge type temperature sensors

Cartidge type HeaterBlock 

The V6 HeaterBlock is a core part of the E3D ecosystem as the standard heater block used in most of our HotEnds.

Cartridge type thermistor 

Cartridge type thermistors use a Semitec 104GT thermistor, potted in a cylindrical stainless steel cartridge with a high conductivity ceramic based adhesive. The legs are insulated with fibreglass sleeving and terminated with a Molex Microfit 3.0 connector. This makes it easy to disconnect your entire HotEnd without the need for rewiring, especially when paired with E3D high precision heater cartridges.


Supplied with an M3 grub screw to secure a cartridge-style Thermistor, PT100 or Thermocouple, and an M3 dome head screw to clamp the heater cartridge.

Key features: 

  • Max temperature: 285°C
  • Cartridge type thermistor 

Kit includes: 

  • 1 x V6 aluminium HeaterBlock 
  • 3 x V6 standard sock 
  • 1 x Thermistor cartidge type 
  • 1 x Thermistor extension cable 
  • 1 x V6 fixings kit 

Buy an E3D Block & Sock V6 Upgrade Kit from Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Never received the product

Still waiting
Posted by Jackie Olsen, December 20, 2021

E3Dv6 block and sock upgrade

Great replacement for heater block which was stripped out on my prusa i3 mk2. Thanks again
Posted by DOUG MCCLURE, May 21, 2020

Quality Design and Build Demands Higher Price

It is a little more expensive than other heater blocks, but its definitely worth it to not mess around with getting your thermistor to stay in the block. The grub screw for the thermistor is the sole reason I bought this model. The socks are good. Way better than my old/stock heater block.
Posted by Brett Kammer, April 22, 2020


It worked well in a Prusa mk3s.
Posted by Ken, July 02, 2019

Increased Temperature Stability

Bought two, one for a genuine E3D on my i3 clone, the other for the clone on my MP Select. Both fit great and I had no issues with the install. Biggest difference was on my i3. I'd previously been using no part fan, primarily ABS on that printer, and decided to add a fang to go PLA/PETG. Ended up having issues with thermal runaway when the fan kicked prior to installing the new block and sock. Since installing it I've had zero problems. As a bonus the sock helps with PETG curl as well. Highly recommend these
Posted by Braden Engel, August 01, 2018

Troble-free product

Replace your clone heating block with this product and enjoy trouble-free printing.
Posted by undefined, November 15, 2017

E3D V6 Upgrade Kit - Block & Sock

Item as described - the short plugs are a great addition - saves a lot of rewiring
Posted by undefined, October 25, 2017

Better than the Epcos 100K Thermistor

This is the original new cartridge style E3d thermistor which is an upgrade from the common Epcos 100k thermistor i used to have on my E3d. The 100k worked fine but the machined hole on the e3d heat block is designed for E3d own Semitec 100k thermistor. The difference is the Semitic has a smaller glass bulb that will fit nicely in the small hole on the heat block. The common 100k thermistor will go through the hole but will be a bit protruding which will prevent the fastener screw from sitting flush on the block. I didnt want to use a high temperature paste to hold the thermistor permanently in because i will need to break the thermistor if i wanted to remove it because of the hardened paste. I fastened the screw on it but the thermistor bulb didnt have a complete surface area contact with the block which kept giving me a "Thermal Runway Error" message on Marlin. Long story short, get yourself one of these new E3d heat blocks with the easy remove cartridge thermistor for better accuracy and nicer finish.
Posted by Tareq Lafi, April 05, 2017