E3D Silicone Sock for V6 Heater Block


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A new and improved high temperature non-stick silicone sock for E3D HotEnds. Keep your heater block clean and well-insulated with a cosy blue sock, stylishly emblazoned with the E3D logo.

If you prefer the classic-style sock it is still available!

With these little guys we've made some small but significant changes to make 3D printing with E3D HotEnds even easier, cleaner, and faster. They cling tightly to the heater block and last longer than ever before!

We believe that this new design will better suit the needs of 99% of our customers, but if you believe that you're in the 1% you can find the old style socks listed on our website as V6 Pro Silicone Socks.

  • Made of a heat-resistant, non-stick silicone material our socks will repel build-up of molten plastic. This really helps with sticky materials like Co-Polyesters and filled materials that like to build up on nozzles.
  • These also offer a huge boost in temperature stability, particularly if you use high airflow cooling around the nozzle to cool the print. The additional cooling combined with reduced radiation of heat from the block and nozzle to the print really boost the ability to print great overhangs and bridges, all while keeping the HotEnd temperature extremely stable.
  • The covers simply push onto the front of the HotEnd with no disassembly - they will be a tight fit when first pushed on cold. When hot the silicone will expand to the correct size to fit the hotend snugly.

Depending on what materials you print and how much abuse they get they eventually wear away at the nozzle tip. Even with sticky abrasive materials and a bit of abuse they should easily last 100+ print hours. With less sticky materials like ABS and gentler use you can get almost infinite life. Your mileage may vary.


Package Contents:

  • Silicone sock for thermistor style E3D V6 block

Buy a genuine E3D V6 Block from #Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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E3D v6 Sock

Works just as advertised. My Prusa i3 MK3s heats up much faster now, it also maintains a more consistent temperature. Easy to install. Shipping to the US was fast and easy. I would not hesitate to shop with Spool3D again.
Posted by Ian, October 05, 2020

Smells a bit

It definitely works but this sock seems to be a little off in terms of quality. For one it smelled a bit to the point i thought i was printing with abs by accident (i dont even use abs) though that went away after a while. Functionally its great and fits the nozzle well.
Posted by STEVEN VALENTINE-PAGE, May 11, 2020

Silicone sock for V6 heater block

works as advertised and keeps the hot end free of debris
Posted by ToolBuilder, June 25, 2019

Works great with Prusa i3 MK3S

Fit my Prusa perfectly. Works well and affordable.
Posted by Brian G, April 18, 2019

Silicone sock for V6 heater block

I'd give if five stars but they do wear out after quite a few hours. They are best fitted by using some fine wire around the perimeter that keeps them from working off if they get clumped up and you are trying to remove the clump which must be done hot or you will destroy the sleeve.
Posted by ToolBuilder, February 27, 2019

Silicone sock for V6 heater block

The product is a good idea but in my experiences they don't fit well and I've had them fall off and foul up a print. Accidents never happen when you are watching and we all know you just can't be there all the time.
Posted by ToolBuilder, December 11, 2018


Good sock, fits well.
Posted by undefined, October 09, 2018

It is what it says it is

It is what it says it is, fits, etc etc.
Posted by Mark, July 31, 2018


the heater block is perfect! Very easy to clean
Posted by eugene lariviere, June 30, 2018