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A classic high temperature non-stick silicone sock for E3D V6 and other Hotends also using the E3D V6 style heater block with thermistor cartridges. They will not properly fit the screw-washed clamped thermistor style E3D V6 Block. These socks fit the new cartridge style thermistor blocks. To upgrade to the new block and thermistor, with 3x socks purchase the Block and Sock Kit

Read all about them in the Blog Post!

Not sure about this design? Try our new, improved socks here! We're confident that the new-style socks will suit almost all of our customers, but we've kept this design available so that you can choose for yourself!

A high temperature non-stick silicone sock for E3D-v6 and other hotends also using the E3D-v6 style heater block with thermistor cartridges. They will not properly fit the screw-washed clamped thermistor style E3D-v6 Block. These socks fit the new cartridge style thermistor blocks.

  • These socks will keep your nozzle clean and free of burnt on blackened plastic. They don’t just keep the nozzle clean, but also keep heat inside the hotend, and off the print.
  • Made of a heat-resistant, non-stick silicone material our will repel build-up of molten plastic. This really helps with sticky materials like Co-Polyesters and filled materials that like to build up on nozzles.
  • These also offer a huge boost in temperature stability, particularly if you use high airflow cooling around the nozzle to cool the print. The additional cooling combined with reduced radiation of heat from the block and nozzle to the print really boost the ability to print great overhangs and bridges, all while keeping the hotend temperature extremely stable.
  • The covers simply push onto the front of the hotend with no disassembly - they will be a tight fit when first pushed on cold. When hot the silicone will expand to the correct size to fit the hotend snugly. The elastic material will fit all nozzle sizes in the range from 0.25mm to 0.80mm

These v6 socks don’t last forever. Depending on what materials you print and how much abuse they get they eventually wear away at the nozzle tip. Even with sticky abrasive materials and a bit of abuse they should easily last 100+ print hours. With less sticky materials like ABS and gentler use you can get almost infinite life. Your mileage may vary.

Package Contents:

  • Silicone sock for thermistor style E3D V6 block

Buy a genuine E3D V6 sock from #Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Is there a good excuse to not use these?

If you have an E3D block, or a clone that's the same dims, you really should run these if you're not printing high temp materials. I fought with PETG like crazy a couple years back, filament curling back and dragging, and these were essential to fixing the problem. To add to that, temps are more stable, particularly with variable fan profiles, increasing overall reliability. Definitely a must-have product.
Posted by Braden, May 26, 2020

Great but buy spares

Theses are great but buy extras if your printing at high temperature as if you get anything stuck between them and the hotend they will deteriorate quickly.
Posted by Derek, July 29, 2019

Must have upgrade

This is a must-have upgrade if you have a v6 hot end. It fits my prusa mk3 perfectly, helps keep the temperature stable when the cooling fan kicks in, and keeps those burnt bits of plastic off the nozzle/heater block, never mind mow much cleaner PETG prints are without those globs of burnt plastic wrecking an otherwise perfect print.
Posted by Patrick W, January 25, 2019

the best silicone sock ever

I'll never print without a silicone sock ... ever. It fits perfectly with my E3D V6 Block on my Prusa Original i3 MK2.
Posted by Jacques Verreault, December 27, 2018

don't buy

it doesn't fit well, usually drops down. not worth the headache or money.
Posted by undefined, August 28, 2018

Silicone sock Creality 10

Received this product very quickly and instilled simply
Posted by undefined, August 10, 2018