*Voron 2.4 r2 3D Printer Kit by Spool3D - March 2023

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Assembly Manual and other information

Wiring is slightly different in this kit - please see the following PDF.

If you are looking for the Summer 2022 wiring - please see here.

Release V2.4r2 of the VORON2 lineup of 3D printers. This release re-focused on simplicity and cost for VORON2, and has been redesigned from the ground up to be more streamlined, easier to source, more fun to build, and generally a better machine to own. In short, what VORON used to stand for.

This Kit's Features & Extras

  • HiWin linear rails and blocks are included and prelubricated.
  • Misumi 2020 aluminum extrusion, pre-tapped and pre-drilled
  • Gates belts
  • Mean Well Power supply for the electronics
  • LDO Voron 2.4 Stepper motors Kit
  • Phaetus Dragon HF hotend with standard flow heat break included
  • Genuine Bondtech Afterburner Components
  • Cast Aluminum tool plate for print bed with embedded magnets, 8mm thick
  • Flexible spring steel print bed, double sided with smooth and textured PEI
  • Canada approved SSR, power switch, power receptacle, power cord, terminal blocks. (Everything the AC touches)
  • Canada approved AC powered bed heater
  • IGUS Cable chains
  • Manta M8P with CB1 (incl. heatsink)
  • Terminal Blocks Kit for AC power distribution
  • Wago Terminal Blocks for Thermal Fuse quick change
  • Cables kit made of FEP wire with ends already installed
  • PCB x-y endstops
  • PCB z-endstop
  • Hartk ERCF Toolhead PCB, including FEP wiring loom
  • Klicky Probe kit included
  • Accelerometer included
  • Deck Panel is Black Aluminum Composite Panel
  • Enclosure panels - 3mm cast acrylic.

What's included:

This list shows lengths for 350mm kit. Lengths will be adjusted for 300mm kit

  M5x40 SHCS 23
  M5x30 BHCS 23
  M5x16 BHCS 36
  M5x10 BHCS 36
  M5 Roll-in Spring T-nut 70
  M5 Hex Nut 18
  M5 1mm Shim 44
  M4x6 BHCS 8
  M4 Knurled Nut (DIN 466-B) 5
  M3x8 SHCS 200
  M3x6 FHCS 9
  M3x6 BHCS 12
  M3x40 SHCS 31
  M3x30 SHCS 26
  M3x20 SHCS 23
  M3x16 SHCS 21
  M3x12 SHCS 42
  M3x10 FHCS 5
  M3 Washer 4
  M3 Threaded Insert 120
  M3 Roll-in Spring T-nut 105
  M3 Hexnut 8
  M3 Hammer Head T-nuts 70
  M2x10 Self-tapping Screw 18
  Ø5x60mm Shaft, D Cut 4
  Ø5x35mm Shaft (trim to size) 1
  Linear Rail MGN9H 400mm 6
  Linear Rail MGN12H 400mm 1
  2GT Gates Open Belt LL-2GT-9 (9mm wide) - 5200mm 1
  2GT Gates Open Belt LL-2GT-6 (6mm wide) - 4500mm 1
  2GT Gates Belt Loop (6mm W) - 188mm 4
  GT2 80T black Aluminum Pulley (5mm ID 6mm W) 4
  2GT 20T Toothed Idler (5mm ID 9mm W) 4
  2GT 20T Toothed Idler (5mm ID 6mm W) 2
  2GT 20T Pulley (5mm ID 9mm W) 4
  2GT 20T Pulley (5mm ID 6mm W) 3
  2GT 16T Pulley (5mm ID 6mm W) 4
  F695ZZ Bearing 20
  Bondtech BMG Extruder Components Kit 1
  625ZZ Bearing 12
  TycoElectronics 10EGG1-1 Filtered Power Inlet 1
  Thermal Fuse (125C) with Wago terminal blocks for easy change 1
  BigTreeTech TMC2209 Stepper Motor Driver 8
  BigTreeTech CB1 with heatsink 1
  Omron G3A-210B-DC5 SSR 1
  Omron D2F-01L Micro Switch, prewired 3
  NEMA17 Motor LDO-42STH40-2004MAH 2
  NEMA17 Motor LDO-42STH48-2004AC 4
  NEMA17 Motor LDO-42STH20-1004ASH 1
  BigTreeTech Mini 12864 Display 1
  Medium Blow Fuse 5x20mm 8A (120v mains) 2
  BigTreeTech Manta M8P 1
  Mean Well LRS-200-24 PSU 1
  Omron TL-Q5MC2 NPN Inductive Probe 1
  Phaetus Dragon
  DIN Rail Mount Bracket for G3A SSR 1
  XY microswitch PCB 1
  Z microswitch PCB  
  C13 Power Cord 1
  BAT85 Diode 1
  NTC 100k glass bead thermistor for bed - prewired 1
  60x60x20 Fan (24V) Dual Ball Bearing 3
  40x40x20 Centrifugal Fan (24V) Dual Ball Bearing 1

40x40x10 Axial Fan (24V) Dual Ball Bearing


Terminal Blocks Kit - Sourced from Phoenix Contact

Vibration Mgt    
  Rubber Compressor Feet 4
  OpenBuilds Angle Corner Connector (2020) 4
  Misumi HFSB5-2020-530-LCP-RCP 4
  Misumi HFSB5-2020-470-TPW 10
  Misumi HFSB5-2020-450 2
  Misumi HFSB5-2020-430 1
  Misumi HFSB5-2020-340 1
  DIN 3 Rails (35mm W) 2
  Ø6x3mm Neodimium Magnet 8
  Single Sided Foam Tape 3mm Thick (5m) 1
  Single Sided Foam Tape 1mm Thick (5m) 1
  PTFE Tube (4mm OD 3mm ID) - 1000mm 1
  PTFE Tube (4mm OD 2mm ID) - 300mm 1
  4mm Bowden Coupler 1
  3M VHB Tape 5952 1
  Mains Power Pre-made Wiring Kits 1
  Toolhead PCB loom - FEP wires  
  Low Power Pre-Made Wiring Kits (FEP wires) 1
  Nylon Cable Ties, Small (.07-.10", 1.8-2.7mm wide) 100
  10x15 IGUS Cable Chain Open Type (545mm) 1
  10x10 IGUS Cable Chain Open Type (405mm) 2
  MicroFit and XH254 pns and connectore 1
  spare FEP wires 1
  Klicky Probe Kit 2
  ADXL345 accelerometer  
 (350mm kit listed) Cast Acrylic, Matte Black - 483x503x3 mm 1
  Aluminum Composite Panel, Black - 469x469x3 mm 2
  Cast Acrylic, Clear - 483x503x3 mm 2
  Cast Acrylic, Clear - 483x483x3 mm 1
  Cast Acrylic, Clear - 241.5x503x3 mm 2

Spring Steel Flexible Print Surface - 300x300mm OR 350x350mm

   -Double sided, smooth/textured PEI

  MIC6 8mm Plate with embedded magnets- 300x300mm OR 350x350mm 1
  Tutco Silicone AC Heater - 250x250mm (500W) OR 300x300mm (720W) 1
  18 Piece Tool Kit with Case 1
  IWISS IWS 3220M Crimp Tool  
  2mm Drill Bit 1
  Heat Set Insert Tool 1
  Threadlock 1
  Kapton Tape 1

Notable features for this release:

  • Afterburner Toolhead System, features minimal parts you actually swap, and improved cooling of both hot end and parts. Comes in both Direct Feed and Bowden configurations. We've incorporated all feedback received during the beta testing process and made it much easier to assemble.
  • Direct drive A and B motors allow for smoother belt path and less parasitic loses. Also reduces noise and ringing, while improving machine reliability.
  • Z rails are now centered on the vertical extrusions, allowing use of almost any 2020 T slot profile available.
  • Increased Y travel. There's now a full 10mm of over-travel on Y axis, allowing one to use the Z nozzle probe without sacrificing build plate space.
  • XY joints and Z idlers now use regular 20T toothed pulleys, reducing complexity and cost, while improving reliability of the machine. Z idlers are also simplified and now use single screw for belt tension adjustment.
  • Z drives now accommodate any metal 80T pulley available on the market, including ones with flanges. Metal 80T improve accuracy over printed 80T pulleys, and allow for more consistent gantry leveling results.
  • New front idlers are vastly simplified and also feature single screw belt tension adjustment. This allows users to get more consistent results when tensioning belts and, more importantly, while trying to match the belt tensions of a group of belts.
  • Part counts and variety has been reduced, and printed parts now require much less plastic.
  • Improved bed mounting using globally sourceable spacers in order to help eliminate bed distortion during the build process.
  • Front panel is now a set of doors, using magnetic latches and print-in-place hinges.
  • Screw-down panel clips from V2.1 return with a re-design and improved installation method. They are now almost as quick as the quick-release panel clips to install and remove.
  • Rear fan housing has been redesigned to help utilize more of the filter material. It now uses a 60mm fan for easier 24V sourcing.
  • Rear plug panel sees the return of the integrated non-filtered mains inlet, which is much cheaper and easier to source. It also features dual Keystone terminal slots for easy port extendability (CAT6, USB, etc).
  • Electronics compartment layout has been improved to allow better cooling and easier component management. DIN3 (35mm) rails are the standard configuration now which bring with it much improved installation and maintenance experience. Electronic compartment cooling is now provided by dual 60mm fans, significantly improving component cooling.


  • Take advantage of the Voron on Discord: https://discord.gg/voron. The community is very active on Discord and the users are very helpful on the channel.
  • Download Fusion 360 and get a free license to view the 3D model of the printer. The 3D model is a very useful reference when the manual is ambiguous or unclear.
  • Check out Nero 3DP's Youtube channel, he has a ton of videos on assembling Voron printers.
  • Get a serial number once you finish building your Voron.


  • Spool3D would like to give our thanks to the Voron team for all their hard work creating this 3D printer.

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Spool 3D Voron 2.4 kit

I am very happy with the contents of the kit, well packed and complete. I have not assembled it yet though but do not expect any issues at all. I just finished building a Blurolls VORON2.4 3d printer kit and it turned out good. The Spool 3D kit has 1/2 mm thicker panels which I wish the Blurolls kit had. I also like the embedded magnets in the build plate that comes with the Spool 3D kit better than the magnetic sticker Blurolls uses. Including both the STD and HF Dragon options is also a nice touch for Spool 3D. Spool 3D also includes SS hardware which will be nice compared to the carbon steel hardware which may end up rusting over time. Spool 3D also includes an impressive array of tools! That's all that comes to mind right now. I am more than satisfied with my Sppol 3D purchase, it cost me more than the Blurolls kit but well worth it to me! Go for it, you wont regret it. I have never been disappointed with any product from Spool 3D and they are great to deal with as well.
Posted by Alan Kramer, June 23, 2022

The best 3D printer you can buy

I was going to hold out for the LDO 2.4 kit, but I'm not a very patient person, so I bit the bullet and bought this 2.4 kit. Theres a couple trade offs compared to the LDO version, but I'd say overall they are about par. What you lack in the useful extras in the LDO kit, is made up by slightly better parts. Namely the linear rails and extrusions, while still keeping the high quality LDO motors. I'd recomend that you print off the klicky probe as soon as you get this built. The probe that came in this kit (The same one in the Voron BOM, so no fault of the kit) melted on me in the first few days. The klicky probe mod makes the printer much better however, so no big deal, just make sure you have a spare endstop to use for it. The only part not included with my kit was a bed thermistor, which I believe was just an oversight and might be fixed in later kits? Luckily I had a few spare. The wires included in the kit weren't long enough, I had to splice probably 10 inches or so to the end of the hotend harness for it to reach my controllers. It probably would have been plenty for a 300 kit, but not the 350 kit. I also had to do a bunch of troubleshooting to why my probe was getting inaccurate readings. It turns out its because of the bed design. The included print bed has slots bored out of it, and rare earth magnets fitted in rather than the magnetic sheet glued down to it. This screwed with the readings of the probe and gave me skewed readings. This doesn't effect the klicky probe mod, so I really recomend that ASAP. This design of bed is honestly better IMO, just really shows that Voron needs to adopt a different probe design. The heated mat thing for the bed isn't pre-installed like the LDO kits, and will fall off if you don't pick up some RTV sealant for the edges. The adhesive will burn off and smell your house up if you don't. If spool3d wants to earn some brownie points, maybe they can pre-seal these beds down since it takes over 24h to cure and their customers will be wanting to get it built asap ;) This kit also includes roll in style T-nuts. I was going crazy undoing my frame several times sliding them in as the instructions don't mention pre-loading these nuts like the v0.1 kit does. Turns out theres a way to install these without sliding them all the way from one end. Check the discords pin's in the 2.4 channel. (You kinda force them in on an angle, the ball bearing springs inward). If I could make some recomendations for this kit, it'd be to add about a foot of wire for each part of the hotend, pre-glue the bed down with RTV and include 2x M3x50mm bolts for the stealth burner, because those screws were hard to find. Maybe also add an upgrade option to upsell the 36mm pancake stepper needed for the stealth burner too. Overall, an excellent kit. I've owned probably 10 different printers including the V0.1 and this machine is incredable. You'll have a hard time finding anything this quality under $8k (or probably way more). You're only limited by your own skill of building. This is not a beginner project, but theres lots of help on the Voron Discord channel if you need it.
Posted by Alex, February 14, 2022