PEI (Polyetherimide) Sheet - 305mm x 305mm x 2mm(12 inch x 12 inch)


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PEI (polyetherimide) is a strong, rigid plastic that withstands high temperatures and is readily available in transparent to amber colour. It is an ideal build surface for FFF 3D printers.  To use, simply clamp on or stick on your heated build plate with our 3M 468MP adhesive sheets.  When heated, the PEI sheet grabs onto your 3D print and doesn't let go, negating the need for a print raft.  After printing, allow the sheet to cool before removing your 3D print - print easily detaches once the sheet is cooled to room temperature.  This is a multiple use, no-mess product.

Sanding the PEI sheet with fine grit sandpaper and wiping with isopropyl alcohol can clean and improve adhesion.

This PEI sheet comes with protective film.  Remove before use. There may still be scuffs on the sheet.  This is purely cosmetic and will NOT affect the ability of the sheet to hold a 3D print when the heater bed is turned on.

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Key Features:

  • 2mm thickness - no protective film
  • Works with ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET+, Brick, Wood & Flexible (TPE/TPU) filaments
  • Installs much easier than masking tape or films typically used
  • Protects build plate
  • Heat resistant and durable, can be reused for many consecutive builds and you can use different filament materials without the need to change the printing surface
  • Creates an optimal bond between the 3D printed object and build surface that maximizes the chances your object will be held in place for the duration of the print and then allow for clean and easy removal of the object from the build surface.
  • PEI can easily be resized to your specific heated build plate by cutting with a fine-toothed hacksaw.

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This stuff works great!!!

I have only tested PLA and PETG on this PEI sheet, but they both adhere very well and leaves a finish similar to what you get directly on glass...Very nice! PETG = 230 nozzle - 65 Bed PLA = 210 nozzle - 45 Bed
Posted by JGoodZ, July 25, 2017

Works incredibly for ABS printing

I should have bought a sheet of this ages ago. Heat it up to 110C and ABS sticks to it like glue yet when it cools down the parts are just sitting there. It provides a mirror finish like glass and seems pretty tough so no broken glass. Since I have an aluminum bed which this is glued to I would have preferred a thinner sheet (less than a mm would be ideal).
Posted by Ryan Dewsbury, June 27, 2016

exactly as advertised

This is a 2mm thick PEI sheet. On my ultimaker 2, i removed replaced the glass plate with this directly on the heated bed. PEI is tough, sawed the material to size with a hacksaw and removed the protective film. There is a very gentle 1-2mm warping of the sheet at the edges so I placed it such that it curved up at the edges, then used clothespins to clip the sheet to the print bed. works well. To remove my prints, i unclip the sheet once it cools and flex it gently and the prints come right off. Too bad This doesn't come in 4mm thickness, which would be sturdier for my purpose. Skirt lines are a pain to get off though, since they are thin and flex with the sheet. I print with ABS, this material is much better than the glass+ABS slurry which i was using before - no more lifting and warpage.
Posted by Larry, June 23, 2016