Ender 3 Cast Aluminum Magnetic Bed Upgrade


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Upgrade your Ender 3 print bed to cast aluminum with this fully assembled kit. 

Cast aluminum is a more stable material for a print bed and has minimal expansion and contraction during heat and cool cycles.  Compared to the stock print bed, which is cold rolled aluminum, this gives you a flatter, more stable print surface.

We've coupled the cast aluminum with the option to use magnetic flex plate systems.  Embedded in the bed are 25 high temperature, highly magnetic, NH52 magnets, with strong magnetism up to 120 degrees celsius.

Industry standard thickness tolerance of +/-0.127mm, flatness tolerance of 0.381mm for 6mm thick stock.



Buy an Ender 3 cast aluminum magnetic bed upgrade from #Spool3D online in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Cast aluminum build plate

Since upgrading to this build plate, I have excellent first layer adhesion and even distribution of heat to the entire print area. Definitely worth the price.
Posted by Rex Waldie , May 14, 2020

I'll never use a stock Creality heat bed again

I've had horrible luck with all of my creality print beds, they either come from the factory severely warped or end up warping very quickly. One of them got to the point where 20 point auto bed leveling couldn't even combat it, so I ordered this heat bed, as it was the only really promising looking product out there for the Creality printer line and let me say, that was an understatement.. This thing is EPIC. The build quality is insanely good, the wiring is all there and ready to go, its TRULY flat, and the magnets are strong as can be. I'm getting outstanding first layer adhesion with it! With my E3D Hemera on my Ender 5, I'm getting 60mm\s first layer speeds and 100mm\s layer speeds for the rest, all without ANY adhesion issues. Thanks for a great product Spool3D! I'll be ordering more for our other printers.
Posted by Thomas, April 30, 2020