Single-sided Powder Coated PEI Spring Steel Sheet

$35.00 - $39.00

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Single-sided powder coated PEI spring steel sheet.  Holes are for manufacturing purpose only and do not affect build area.

  • Easy to print
  • Easy to remove
  • Easy to maintain
  • Single-sided
  • Lower running costs
  • Genuine PEI powder coating
  • Hardened steel spring sheet

Material Compatibility

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • PETG*
  • TPU*
  • TPE*
  • PVA

* Please note that optimal nozzle height is especially crucial for these materials to avoid infusing prints into the build surface.


Please wipe the print surface before and after a print with isopropyl alcohol to maintain a clean surface for maximum bed adhesion strength. As with any build surface, make sure you are not printing too close to the bed to avoid possibly infusing the filament into the build surface. If printing PETG, TPU and TPE, please make sure the bed is heated BEFORE attempting to remove the print from the bed.

Buy a single sided powder coated PEI spring steel sheet from #Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Steel spring sheet warps during print

I was having trouble figuring out why my first layer was having uneven spots, which lead to failed prints, I checked the sheet and realized there was a spot in the middle that pops up when heated, sheet goes back to flat when cooled. This issue started happening two months in and got to a point where sheet is unusable now. Other reviews are stellar, so might be a one off case.
Posted by Shane, October 28, 2020

Love this build plate!

I've tried a few print surfaces now on my ender3 and I think this is my favorite so far. I originally had an issue with the stock magnet having a bubble in it from the factory, so I bought the creality glass bad with the coating, however after a few prints that bed warped and I had to print on the underside with glass only. I ended up having to use gluesticks for surface, but getting prints off was a bit touch at times and I'm pretty impatient. I ended up buying this surface, and so far its been great compared to the glass. I find that since its a bit lighter, my prints are better overall. I noticed my elephants foot that I had on glass has almost dissappeared and prints are now more accurate height wise. I really like the textured look on most my prints and I can usually orient a print if I don't want the textured look. I just ended up buying a PEI sheet from Spool3d to apply to the other side of the surface so I can have dual PEI surfaces on one plate (Textured + Smooth)
Posted by Mike Olthoff, July 24, 2020

Single side coated spring steel bed.

So far I am loving this bed. Using 70% alcohol wipe down the filament sticks well. let the bed cool and the print basically pops off buy its self.
Posted by Robert Broome, July 14, 2020

Build surface

had several different surfaces in the past. This is now my go to and works great. I don't have adhesion problems and once it cools objects are easy to remove.
Posted by Mike Dyck, May 20, 2020


I got this sheet with my cast aluminum heat bed. I've been using Prusa spring steel textured sheets exclusively but I decided to try this sheet out, and I'm glad I did. This thing lays perfectly flat on the print bed, the magnets hold it down firmly, and I'm getting outstanding first layer adhesion with it! With my E3D Hemera on my Ender 5, I'm getting 60mm\s first layer speeds and 100mm\s layer speeds for the rest, all without ANY adhesion issues. Thanks for a great product Spool3D! I'll be ordering more for our other printers.
Posted by Thomas, April 30, 2020

Not magnetic enough to stay on heating bed

ABS holds well, and separates easily, but the sheet is not magnetic enough to hold to the heatbed without sliding around on a Prusa MK3S. It will slide if the ABS lifts in the smallest amount and is caught by the nozzle. I'm tempted to drill additional holes in it and turn it around so it can be held in place by the studs on headbed.
Posted by Bruce, March 20, 2020