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E3DV6 HotEnd Metal Parts Only - 1.75mm Universal


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Original Prusa printers require the Prusa heatbreak if you use the MMU system - https://spool3d.ca/prusa-e3d-v6-heat-break/  

This kit is intended for those with some experience who may already have many parts included in the full kit to hand already. This kit requires extra parts such as electronics, wiring, etc to complete its functionality. 

If you are at all unsure as to whether you should order this or the full kit you should purchase the full kit as it contains all the parts required to create a functioning hotend.

Package Contents:

  • E3D V6 heat sink - 1.75mm universal
  • 0.4mm brass nozzle - 1.75mm
  • V6 Block for thermistor cartridge
  • V6 Break - 1.75mm
  • Embedded bowden coupling - 1.75mm
  • Heatsink compound
  • V6 Universal Fixings Kit

Buy genuine E3D V6 parts from #Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!

SKU: V6-175-MO


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Prusa Ectruder Parts

I recently ordered some hot end parts and an assembled E3D extruder for my Prusa MK3 printer. I received quality parts that ensured a successful repair of my intermittent, double-fault problem. I really like the ability to order OEM parts and components for my printer and have them arrive by Canada Post in a few days. Spool3D provides prompt and intelligent service whenever I order parts.
Posted by Empress1, January 07, 2021