*E3D Dual Extrusion


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 Still dual extrusion in a tiny package; now with new compatibility and features. 

These beasts have evolved. Choose from classic air, or new-water-cooling, and experience the multi-extrusion possibilities of Chimera+ and Cyclops+. Read more on the E3D blog! 

  • Multi-Extrusion

    Choose the Chimera+ for two-filament, two-nozzle dual extrusion, great for multi-material supports. Or try the unique two-filament, one-nozzle Cyclops+. With a hot side designed to switch seamlessly between inputs, Cyclops+ never leaves an idle nozzle.

  • Ecosystem Compatibility

    Cyclops+ and Chimera+ fit our standard fans, thermistors and heater cartridges. Chimera+ works with our full range of E3D nozzles. The watercooled variants work with our standard water-cooling kit.

    Cyclops+ and Chimera+ are both now compatible with cartridge-style heaters and thermistors, opening the door to PT100s and thermocouples.

  • Unique Cyclops Hotside

    The Cyclops heater block has been completely reworked, improving performance and making it more adaptable. We’ve removed all unnecessary material, lowering the thermal mass and reducing heat-up times. By changing the outer architecture of the block, we’ve also reduced the amount of heat radiating down from the block onto the print. This makes it easier to print small, complex parts without the need for a silicone sock.

    The distance between the filament paths is 2mm larger compared to the old-style Cyclops. This makes Cyclops+ compatible with the Kraken, for those looking to experiment.

  • Water Cooling

    By switching to an Aqua water-cooled heatsink, both all-metal HotEnds can be used in the hottest of ambient environments.

    The Cyclops Aqua and Chimera Aqua share a highly effective water-cooled heatsink that is compatible with the E3D water-cooling kit and nylon tubing. It's so small and lightweight that if you're looking for a water-cooled V6 equivalent then look no further!

The following parts are  NOT compatible with Cyclops+:

  • Old Cyclops heater blocks
  • Old Cyclops heatsinks
  • Bead type temperature sensors
  • Parts suitable for V6 systems.


What's Included*:

* depends on chosen options

Air-Cooled Cold Side (both Chimera+ and Cyclops+)

  • Air-cooled heatsink
  • 2x black plastic collets
  • 2x blue plastic collet clips
  • Cyclops+ fixings kit (suitable for Cyclops+ and Chimera+)
  • 800mm PTFE bowden tubing
  • 12V/24V fan

Water-Cooled Cold Side (both Chimera+ and Cyclops+)

  • Water-cooled heatsink
  • 4x black plastic collets
  • 4x blue plastic collet clips
  • Cyclops+ fixings kit (suitable for Cyclops+ and Chimera+)
  • 800mm PTFE bowden tubing

Chimera+ Hot Side

  • Heatsink compound
  • 2x silicone socks
  • 2x Kraken heatbreaks
  • 2x 0.4mm V6 brass nozzles
  • 2x V6 heater blocks
  • Chimera+ Fixings kit
  • 2x30W Heater cartridges (12V/24V)
  • 2x Thermistor cartridges

Cyclops+ Hot Side

  • 0.4mm Cyclops nozzle
  • Cyclops heater block
  • 2x Kraken heatbreaks
  • Cyclops+ hotside fixings kit
  • Heatsink Compound
  • 30W Heater cartridge (12V/24V)
  • Thermistor cartridge


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