Nylon PA6 - Carbon Fiber - 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament

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Print it right with Spool3D nylon 3D printer filament.  Our nylon filament is manufactured with tight tolerances from premium grade material.  Our filament has been tested on popular fused filament fabrication desktop 3D printer platforms.

Nylon is incredibly strong, durable, and versatile. Flexible when thin, but with very high inter-layer adhesion, nylon lends itself well to things like hinges, gears, bearings and other functional parts. Nylon filament prints with a translucent surface, and can absorb color added post process with most common, acid-based clothing dyes.

Consistently round diameters make this material very easy to work with.

A Garolite sheet can be used for bed adhesion.

Nylon should be printed while being stored in a dried, airtight container.

Nylon filament should be stored in a resealable plastic bag with the dessicant pack provided.  Nylon is very hygroscopic (it readily absorbs water from the air). Nylon can absorb more than 10% of its weight in water in less than 24 hours. Successful 3D printing with nylon requires dry filament. When you print with nylon that isn’t dry, the water in the filament explodes causing air bubbles during printing that prevents good layer adhesion and greatly weakens the part. It also ruins the surface finish.  Dry nylon prints smooth and has a glossy finish.  To dry nylon, place it in an oven at 145-180F for 6-8 hours. After drying, store in an airtight container,. It should be stored in a resealable plastic bag with the dessicant pack provided.

  • 1.75 mm plastic Nylon filament (Polyamide6; PA6; tolerance +/- 0.04mm) with carbon fibre
  • 20% by weight, 80% by volume carbon fibres
  • Filament contains actual carbon fibers and will require an abrasive resistant nozzle.
  • Optimum extrusion temperature:  240-260degrees celsius
  • Colour: Black
  • Carbon Fibre - 20% - suggested to use a wear resistant nozzle with a minimum diameter of 0.4mm
  • Consistently provides excellent build quality for low cost 3D printing.
  • Included in the box: spool of chosen size, vacuum packaged in plastic with dessicant
  • Shipping Weight: depends on size chosen

Spool Sizes:

  • 0.5 kg - 200 mm OD x 39 mm W; spool hole diameter: 54 mm
  • 0.8 kg - 204 mm OD x 67 mm W; spool hole diameter: 56 mm
  • 2 kg - 200 mm OD x 150 mm W; spool hole diameter: 54 mm

Buy PA6 Nylon Carbon Fiber 3D printer filament online in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!

Manufacturer Part Number: PA6175-CFBLK
Technical Data Sheet: : Nylon PA6 Carbon Fiber
Physical / Method / Test Condition:: Typical Value
Density (ASTM D1505 @ 23℃): 1.21 g/cm3
Melt Flow Rate (ASTM D1238 @ 190℃/2.16kg):: 5.2 g/10min
Tensile Strength (ASTM D638 @ 50mm/min):: 85 MPa
Elongation at Break (ASTM D638 @ 50mm/min):: 5%
Flexural Strength (ASTM D790 @ 5mm/min):: 125 MPa
Flexural Modulus (ASTM D790 @ 5mm/min):: 3000 MPa
Notched Izod Impact Strength (ASTM D256 @ 23℃):: 120 J/m
Melting Temperature (DSC @ 10℃/min):: 195 ℃
Printing Temperature:: 220-260 ℃
Viscat Softening Temperature (ASTM D1525 @ 50℃/h,10N):: 175 ℃


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