Lead Screw - 8mm (2mm pitch; 2mm lead)

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T8-2-D2 Lead Screw (no brass nut).  Brass nuts may be purchased here: /t8-lead-screw-nut/

  • Length: Selected by customer
  • Pitch: 2mm
  • Lead: 2mm
  • 1 start

Pitch = distance between threads

Lead = travel in mm for one revolution

Please make sure you order the correct matching T8 screw for pitch and lead.

Please read our post about lead vs pitch.

Buy 2mm pitch, 2mm lead, lead screws in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Very good
Posted by Kenny, November 01, 2022

Excellent with POM nut

I decided to switch my stock lead screw from an 8mm lead to this 2mm lead, along with replacing the sloppy brass nut for a matching POM version WOW My current single z is a standard 1.8 degree stepper which completes 200 turns per 1 full mechanical revolution, with this lead screw running full steps it takes 100 turns/mm which equates to 0.01mm per full step or at 16x microstepping 0.000625mm per microstep. After changing these two components I decided to jump down to play with my 0.2mm nozzle and print some minis, the layer accuracy does seem drastically improved in general but even better for small things, 2nd z parts now ordered
Posted by Tony, July 20, 2021

t8 lead screw

received item as described thank you
Posted by jean pierre ethier, June 24, 2019


Just what I ordered for a dual Z setup. Nice and straight too.
Posted by Stephen Lowe, September 03, 2018

upgrade to 3drag

got 2, both came packaged well, and worked like a charm with the backlush nut. Had to print an adapter for 3drag for specific nut size
Posted by undefined, April 07, 2017

Upgrading my Printer

Upgrading my 3D printer to dual z this lead nut with the lead screw will do the trick. Probably a better part than the original.
Posted by Andy, April 03, 2017