Lead Screw - 8mm (1mm pitch; 1mm lead)

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T8-1-D1 Lead Screw (no brass nut).  Brass nuts may be purchased here: https://spool3d.ca/t8-lead-screw-nut/

  • Length: Selected by customer
  • Pitch: 1mm
  • Lead: 1mm 
  • 1 start

Pitch = distance between threads

Lead = travel in mm for one revolution

Please make sure you order the correct matching T8 screw for pitch and lead.

Please read our post about lead vs pitch.

Buy 1mm pitch 1mm lead,  lead screws in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Lead screw 8mm 1mm lead

Bonne précision, droite je recommande
Posted by Stephane Desnoyers, October 11, 2021

High precision (1mm) lead screw

I got three 1mm pitch 500mm long lead screws and all three were in excellent condition and wrapped in bubble wrap for shipping. Threads were clean and rods were straight and true.
Posted by Jason, December 10, 2017

Perfect lead screw

It came in quickly, is inexpensive, and seemed very true and very high quality. Using it for building a macro-photography rail slide.
Posted by Greg, November 20, 2017

Needed cleaning before use

I got the 1mm pitch lead screw, which as you can imagine has a very fine thread. The screw I received was a little dirty. I had to spend some time cleaning out the threads with a cloth and fingernail. Otherwise the screw is true, no bend, and has a consistent thread.
Posted by undefined, June 26, 2017