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E3D Volcano Brass Nozzle - 1.75mm Filament


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Volcano nozzles are designed for the E3D Volcano heater block. From standard to super-fat layering, you'll be making stronger, faster and bigger prints in no time. 2.85mm Volcano nozzles are compatible with the Lulzbot Moarstruder.


Brass nozzles, featuring E3D’s signature internal geometry, have optimal thermal properties for everyday printing, providing smooth layers for standard non-abrasive applications. Rated to a max temperature of 300°C.

Please note:

Volcano nozzles are not compatible with the V6, SuperVolcano or Cyclops heater blocks.

E3D nozzles are identifiable with markings on the flats of the hex head, please see the table for identification.

Package contents:

  • 1 nozzle for E3D volcano block 1.75mm filament hotend (0.40mm, 0.60mm, 0.80mm, 1.00mm, or 1.20mm)

Buy E3D Volcano brass nozzles for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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0.4mm review

Bought the 0.4mm variant since it's not included in the Eruption Pack, it basically allows the Volcano to function like a normal V6, albeit one with plenty of spare speed potential.
Posted by undefined, January 17, 2018

Works great!

Quality nozzles, never tolerance issues. Always had good luck with genuine nozzles and E3D stuff. They're not a great choice for abrasive filaments but that's a technical reality. Great for PLA, PETG and ABS as long as it's not abrasive.
Posted by Carl, January 07, 2018

.4mm volcano nozzle = excessive speed

after setting up my volcano and enjoying the speed (slower setting but more done per movement) i wanted the extra details back that i had before. the .4mm nozzle lets me average 80-100mm/s so far, and will try faster soon. it changes everything, when you can crank out 30min prints in 10minutes.
Posted by Morgan L., December 05, 2016