BLTouch - SM-DU Replacement Cables

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Replacement cables for the BLTouch. 

  • SM-DU replacement cable of chosen length

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wiring harness and crimp connector

Both items performing well and the only snag was learning how to thread the harness back through the chain harness to the board which turned out to be surprisingly easy with a thin piece of wire to pull it through. The crimp connector was used at the board end of the wiring harness to match the configuration of the pins from old harness to new harness and that was done through the kindness of Derek at the counter. I've only had good experiences with Spool3d and highly recommend them.
Posted by 2Lbldr, August 13, 2021

• BLTouch and 1.5M SM-DU Replacement Cable

This was for an Ender 3 V2 and it worked perfectly. The 1.5M SM-DU cable is the right length. You need to print this mount from Thingiverse:
Posted by Ken, October 13, 2020