Nozzle Tip Cleaning Wire - Various Sizes


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Thick grip cleanup wire for easy cleaning of 3D printer nozzle tips.

Every 3D printer nozzle gets blocked at one time.  This can happen because of bad filament, impurities or dust, or even using the wrong temperature for the filament being used. One way to remove the blockage is to use this wire tool.

To use, heat up the nozzle to the temperature of the material that is clogged (ABS, PLA, etc.).  When the desired temperature is reached, carefully insert and remove a few times to remove the blockage.

Package contents:

  • 1 thick grip wire (customer selected size)

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Works great

Had to use these to clean a clog in my extruder, worked great. Way better then the litlle drill bits since this will not break in the nozzle if you move it sideways, it will simply bend then take back it's shape
Posted by Jean-Philippe Turcotte, July 02, 2020

Best I've found

Forget drill bits this works a thousand times better for stubborn clogs when a cold pull doesn't cut it.
Posted by Greg, September 04, 2018

Works great

After breaking a couple of cleaning drill bits in some of my nozzles, I decided to give this wire drill a try. It clears the blockage nicely and no fear of breaking it inside the nozzle because its flexible.
Posted by Tareq Lafi, April 05, 2017