Lerdge Heated Bed Power Expansion Module MOSFET


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This module can be used in Lerdge-X, Lerdge-S and other 3D Printer motherboards.

Product Description:
Lerdge heated bed high-power expansion module, with unique snowflake heatsink design, has a great cooling effect. This high power module helps your 3D printebecome even more powerful. The module can solve the current load problem when the heated bed power is too large. Under the normal heat dissipation, the module can be stable long-term when measured I (Max) = 30A. When using the module, the current should not exceed 30A.
When using hot bed power greater than 150W with a Lerdge motherboard, this external high power module is needed.
What's in the box:
  • Lerdge Heated Bed Power Expansion Module
  • Power Supply Cables
  • Control signal cable

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Nice form factor

This MOSFET seems to do the job nicely. I bought a Duet3 for use with a printer modification and the heated bed is more powerful than the duet can handle. This works nicely for the 25Amp heat bed. Just a note to potential buyers the polarity of things are not clearly labled, but there are makings on one end of the board that show that one side is + and the other is -, that convention hold true for all of the terminals. The height of the heat sink also isn't listed but it is about 1.25" tall overall.
Posted by Farrell , May 19, 2020

Nice MOSFET Option

Appeared well made and have had zero issues so far. Had an onboard fan header, but haven't noticed it getting terribly hot yet. Mostly printing PETG on that printer, bed temps only hit 85, but seem to do so a little quicker. Honestly just glad to have the load off the board. Will still design up a 2020 mount with fan for a more permanent solution to the mount I have now. Will post to thingiverse.
Posted by Braden Engel, December 03, 2018

Power Expansion Module

Very satisfied with the quality. One of the best modules I have bought
Posted by Andre Normandin, March 03, 2018

light power wires

A good way to move the heavy power switching away from the main controller board. Easy to wire. I found the provided power wires to be very light (18AWG i believe). For a 12-50 VDC circuit and being advertised at 30A it should be a minimum 12AWG for the main power in/out.
Posted by Timothy Hicks, December 28, 2017