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E3D PT1000 Temperature Sensor


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Make your HotEnd run at higher temperatures with easier assembly using a PT1000 sensor.

PT1000's are stainless steel high temperature, high accuracy temperature sensors that you can now use on your E3D V6 HotEnd instead of a thermistor or thermocouple. PT1000's are able to measure higher temperatures than thermistors - up to 500°C. Our PT1000 sensors are also very easy to handle, being of a metal cartridge type construction that is secured with a set screw, no more fiberglass sleeving or clamping washer. The PT1000 sensor will fit in the E3D cartridge style heater blocks. 

PT1000's are similiar to thermistors in that you do NOT need an amplifier board.

Buy an E3D PT1000 thermistor cartridge from Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!




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Too short for Ender 3 Max

I got this to print PC, but the wire ended up being way too short to reach max print height. I spliced the wires to extend and now it shows temperature at 169° when the heater isn’t on and it throws an error trying to PID tune. The reviews looked great, but this ended up being a waste of money for me.
Posted by Austin Wendel, November 22, 2022

Works great

I ordered the PT 1000 temp sensors to replace the thermistors I received with my E3D hot end. I want to be able to print exotic materials like PEEK and PEKK and Polycarbonate at temperatures above 300C. I originally thought I would need PT100 sensors but the Duet3 board can use these PT1000 transmitters without the need for daughter boards.
Posted by Farrell Baird, May 11, 2020

Works perfectly

PT100 had had it. Tore out the amp board and dropped this guy in directly connected to my new SKR1.3 and it works perfectly. I tested the full range from 20°C to 450°C and double checked with a known good probe and it lined up. I'm really happy with it.
Posted by Devon , April 14, 2020