Creality Heatbed Spring

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Creality heat bed spring for 3D printers.  Longer springs are used on printers such as Ender 7.

  • Length: 25mm or 30mm
  • Outer Diameter: 8.1mm
  • Inner Diameter: 4.9mm
  • Wire coil width: 1.6mm

Buy a Creality CR-10 series bed spring for your 3D Printer from #Spool3D online in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!

Manufacturer Part Number: 3004040007, 4004010023, 3204020039, 4004010023


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Ender 3 Platform levelling springs

Excellent upgrade to stock round wire springs. Stronger and straighter compression reduces platform resonant vibrations. Simple installation. Recommended!
Posted by Hans, May 21, 2020

Perfect upgrade for Ender series printers

Bought a set of these to refit a 2018-build Ender 3, they're both longer and much stiffer than the stock springs, so the bed stays where it's leveled to, really nice after having one of the leveling knobs fall off with the original springs. I'm making these things a mandatory upgrade for any future Ender style machines I get.
Posted by Edward S, May 05, 2020

Spring upgrade

Springs were slightly taller then the stock springs on my Ender 3, still fit fine with without have to do further modifications.
Posted by John, October 08, 2019

great upgrade for my ender 3..

Much better than the stock springs, as long as you have the extra screw length to support them. You may need to move your endstop, but woth every minute of time you spend...
Posted by undefined, March 19, 2019

Amazing springs

well my fault to not measuring my spring before hand on my Ender 3. I wish they did have these types of spring my for heat bed for a nice firm spring. Ender 3 springs are 20 mm h x 8 mm w x 0.9 thickness x 6 mm inner.
Posted by JayRock, December 02, 2018