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Heatsink in black anodized aluminum to remove heat from desired component. Equipped with self-adhesive on the back for easy attachment.

Fits well on Nema17 stepper motors.

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Helps bowden setups

Good solution if you're running a bowden setup.. pulls the heat from heavy retraction laden extruder motors.
Posted by Adam, September 20, 2021

Bondtech Nema 17 heat sinks

Two for X + Y axis stepper motors on Ender 3 to lower running temp of these Creality Nema 17’s that both normally run very hot to the touch. Self adhesive holds perfectly on opposite side of X axis shaft. Used small linked tie wraps to hold heat sink on back side of stepper to assist tape. Make sure Creality label is removed to ensure full surface contact of heat sink tape to motor. Align flat side of heat sink fins vertically for best convective air movement cooling. Steppers still pretty hot but noticeably cooler, easy functional and inexpensive upgrade to any exposed Nema steppers on any 3D Printer!
Posted by Hans, June 21, 2019

Hardened 0.5mm

good part
Posted by Joel Daigle, April 22, 2019

GREAT upgrade for MK3!!!

I put these on all my motors, and they run a LOT cooler. I see less skipped layers! Especially when printing with a lot of retractions etc. Also for $3, you cannot go wrong! It has great 3m adhesive, not the cheapo chinese stuff!
Posted by Matthew, March 21, 2019