BigTreeTech BTT Smart Filament Sensor v2


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Detecting More than Just Runout

Upon detecting nozzle clogging, filament runout, filament tying, and extruder malfunctions, SFS V2.0 will promptly issue error alerts on the screen and automatically pauses printing. This prevents unnecessary resource wastage.

Real-Time Status Indication:Easily know the filament status at a glance

  • Normal Printing:The blue light flashes during smooth printing when the printer and filaments are functioning properly.
  • Filament Runs out or is Broken:steady red light prompts the user to rapidly respond to a filament shortage or breakage.
  • Others:Nozzle Clogging/Extruder Trouble/FilamentTyingA steady or extinguished blue light.

Bi-Directional Feeding

Its unconstrained filament direction eliminates concerns over orientation,enabling quick,easy installation and flexible positioning to maximize space.

Highly Precise Photoelectric Sensor

Theoretical Detection Length:2.88mm

Lighter and Smaller

Enhances installation ease and space use without overburdening direct-drive extruders,preserving printing speed and accuracy. SFS V2.0 weighs 36g,40% less than V1.0 and 35.95% smaller.The 36g excludes the Bowden tube connectors.

Wide Compatibility:

Supports any motherboard with available I/O ports(Endstop,Filament detection,BLTouch,Induction sensor,etc)

Unique and Cool:

Merges cool aesthetics,with utility,enhancing your 3D printing experience.


  • Compatible Filament:All 1.75mm filaments
  • Detection Length:2.88 mm (theoretical detection length, may need adjustment)
  • Rated Voltage:3.3V-5V
  • Working Temperature:-10 to 50 ℃
  • Working Humidity:10% to 90%
  • Dimensions:53.1 x 30.3 x 27.3 mm
  • Mounting Hole Spacing:12.4 x 24.7 mm
  • Weight:36 g
  • Operating PrincipleEncoder+Pulley Set+Micro Switch
  • Bi-Directional FeedingYES
  • Filament Feeding LeverYES
  • Status LightYES
  • Mounting HolesThree mounting holes on the back

4 Detections

  • Nozzle Clogging
  • Filament Runout
  • Filament Tying
  • Extruder Trouble

Versatile Features

  • Firmware Support:RRF、Klipper、Marlin
  • Extruder Support:Bowden Drect-Drive
  • Bi-rectional Feeding
  • Status Light
  • Photoelectric Sensor
  • Filament Feeding Lever

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Manufacturer Part Number: 1060000630


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