BigTreeTech BTT TMC2240 Stepper Driver

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The BIGTREETECH TMC2240 driver is a new generation of silent drivers, supporting a higher voltage range and a larger current output.


  • Supports High Subdivision: 256 microsteps
  • Supports Voltage: 4.5-36V DC
  • Supports Maximum Current: IRMS=2.1A IFS=3A
  • Supports Sensorless Homing
  • Low on-resistance: Rdson (H+L) = 230mΩ
  • Communication Modes: SPI or UART (SPI by default)
  • Overheating Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Stall Protection
  • Supports Analog Signal Input
  • Real-time Monitoring of Motor and Drive Temperatures


  • When plugging in the drive, be sure to orient the connector correctly to avoid reversing the polarity and damaging the drive.
  • When using high voltage (greater than 24V) or high current (greater than 1.2A), active cooling must be used to prevent the drive from overheating.
  • The factory default mode for the driver is SPI. This mode is recommended for most users. If UART mode is required, manual soldering is necessary. It is not recommended for users without soldering experience to attempt this, as it may cause injur
 What's in the box:
  • Stepper Motor of Chosen Type
  • Heatsink

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Manufacturer Part Number: 1050000065


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