XB Clamp Flexible Coupling - 5mm to 8mm

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XB clamping flexible coupling 5mm shaft to 8mm screw.

  • Height: 25.5mm
  • Outer Diameter 20mm 


Package Contents:

  • 5mm to 8mm XB clamp flexible coupling

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Better Than Other Couplers

Have all my lead screws on these now. Still allow some (very minor) movement to compensate for not-so-straight lead screws, but do a much better job at dealing with axial motion than the spring style. Particularly good if you use Z hop.
Posted by Braden, June 04, 2019

Better Than Everything Else I've Tried

I've tried the spring-style and direct couplers. Had too much play on the springs and far too much binding on direct couplers. These allow for movement while mimizing the slop. They went a LONG way to reducing the z-wobble you see riding up the face of falt surfaces during printing.
Posted by John B., April 07, 2019

Works great!

These are much better than any of the rigid or flexible ones that I've tried.
Posted by Andy, January 29, 2019

Looks wayyyyyy better than the original sliced aluminium ones

Look at the title
Posted by Mathieu Grenier, July 19, 2018

Doing what couplers do?

I've swapped my original couplers on all my printers to these and they're nice to remove the horizontal hops you may get on z-moves. Not a huge difference, but nice little upgrades and after a few little things, they add up.
Posted by Carl, January 07, 2018