Tungsten Carbide MK8 Nozzle


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The high wear resistance of our tungsten carbide nozzles will ensure that even the most abrasive filament can be printed with confidence.

The high thermal conductivity of tungsten carbide means you can print faster.

Tungsten carbide will not soften at high temperatures like hardened steel, resulting in a longer lasting nozzle.  Print up to 500c with high abrasion resistance!

Our tungsten carbide nozzle is a single piece, single material nozzle, meaning thermal conductivity and optimized flow is maintained through the entire nozzle, unlike multi material tungsten carbide tipped nozzles.

Tungsten carbide nozzles are less expensive to manufacture than ruby or sapphire tipped nozzles and maintain better flow and temperature stability at the nozzle tip.

Most importantly, our tungsten carbide nozzle is available NOW! No preorders.

  Tungsten Carbide Ruby A2 Hardened Steel Stainless Steel 410HT Copper Brass
Thermal Conductivity - W/(m·K) 110 40 26  12-45  385 109
 Hardness - HRC 85 (9 on Mohs scale) (9 on Mohs scale)  65  43  33  30 

Please tighten the nozzle when heated above your required printing temperature (300c for most plastics will be adequate).

Compatible with:

  • Creality CR-10(S), Ender3
  • MK8 Hotend

Package contents:

  • 1 tungsten carbide nozzle for 1.75mm filament (Size 0.4mm or 0.6mm orifice)

Buy MK8 tungsten carbide 3D printer nozzles in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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I'm very disappointed in the 0.4 mm version of this nozzle. I switched out a standard brass nozzle on my Ender 3 in order to print with abrasive filament, expecting it to be an easy swap. But I had immediate and severe under-extrusion problems even with regular PLA. These problems could only be partly remedied by a combination of both dramatically increased temperature (+30°C) and low speeds (<40 mm/sec). I thought that maybe there was something amiss with my hotend after the nozzle switch, so I used this as an excuse to buy a Microswiss all metal hotend, that I installed first with this nozzle. I had the exact same under-extrusion problems. Switching in the coated brass nozzle that came with the Microswiss kit instantly solved all my problems, and I was back to printing at full speed using reasonable temperatures immediately. Perhaps I got a dud. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Either way, this nozzle has been a big waste of time, money and filament. If I had the chance for a do-over, I would just buy a hardened steel nozzle and live with the well-known temperature differences.
Posted by Private Throwaway, March 19, 2020