Stepper Motor Cables - PH2 to XH2.54

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4-wire stepper motor cable. 1 meter long.

Connection on 4-pin XH2.54:


Connection options on 6-pin PH2.0:

A-NC-A'-B-NC-B' (straight through)


A'-NC-B-A-NC-B' (crossover)

Package Contents:

  • 4-wire stepper motor cable [6-pin PH2 white connector -> 4 pin XH2.54 white connector]

Buy stepper motor cables from #Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Length matters

My wife keeps telling me size apparently does matter so armed with that info I decided to get the long 2m cables to ensure enough length to rip apart a new ender7 and require to my BTT skr3.
Posted by Tony, October 11, 2022

Stepper Motor Cables - PH2 to XH2.54

Perfect components! Used to build a rotary for my K40 laser engraver and the length of cable was ideal. Fast shipping too!
Posted by Mon, July 11, 2022

parts and services from Spool 3D

Hi All Spool 3D has been doing a great job with parts supply and servicing my 3d printer. for about 4 years now. I bought a printer from them, I have been buying filament , parts and servicing from them ever since. awesome company to do business with.
Posted by Bob Harvey, January 20, 2022

Motor cables PH2 to XH2.54

These cables are far superior to the ones that came with my Tornado. I was ready to give up with repairing it when someone suggested replacing my z axis cable. I’m very happy it solved the issue. Now I will be replacing all the axis’ with these new cables. Thanks Spool3d!
Posted by Charles G, July 01, 2021

Worked great

Needed a cable for second z motor on my anet since old one was not working, worked perfect.
Posted by Dave Neumeyer, May 04, 2020

Fixed a Noisy Motor

Was getting a lot of vibration from my Y-stepper on an i3 build. Dropping the stepper pot way down calmed it, but I had to turn it down to the point it missed like crazy. Someone online suggested a bad cable. Got ahold D on Facebook, he confirmed the correct cable for the MKS board in using and had one waiting for me that afternoon. Quick test and sure enough, fixed it right up. Good quality connectors and cable.
Posted by Braden Engel, June 21, 2018

As expected

Worked exactly as expected
Posted by undefined, April 07, 2018

stepper motor cables

good quality, length, connectors price as well
Posted by Ken Sterdan, April 14, 2017

Excellent quality

Bought one of these for the connectors to patch a frayed cable end on my Mini Kossel, did the job perfectly.
Posted by undefined, February 22, 2017