Polypropylene Build Plate - Mamorubot

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  • 【Excellent Adhesion】Mamorubot 3D Printer Platform polypropylene Build plates Shows strong adhesion in printing. Easy to take off models by hand or with a little help from the scraper for very large models.
  • 【High Durability】Gest you out of the trouble when plastic film decreased viscosity after a period of usage.
  • 【Compatibility】Compatible with most FDM 3D printers 
  • 【Easy to clean】The model's bottom will be smooth and the platform will be easy to clean by alcohol/water
  • 【Better than glass plate】Compatible with ABS, PLA, wood(or many other materials) filaments (sold separately); Allow to print on surface - no need additional adhesives or tape.


How to use:
・Please properly level the bed before printing
・Suggested bed temperature may vary depends on the filament material

Temperature settings for different filaments:

  • PLA: 50-70℃
  • Flexible filament: 50-70℃
  • ABS: 100-125℃ ( 110℃ is recommended )
  • PC: 100-130℃ ( 120℃ is recommended )
  • Nylon: 90-120℃ ( 110℃ is recommended )
  • PP: 100-130℃ ( 120℃ is recommended )
  • PETG: 50-70℃

What's included: 

  •  Mamorubot 3D Printer Platform of selected size

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