Possible Canada Post Delivery Delays

All orders placed from June 26, 2016 until the possible Canada Post disruption is over, will be followed up on regarding the shipping option chosen if there is the possibility of your order not making it to you by June 30.

Due to the potential work disruption for Canada Post starting in July, we will be serving our customers in the following ways.

  • Canada Post. We will still accept orders with shipping through Canada Post.  The orders placed prior to the possible dispute will still be shipped using Canada Post - depending on shipping time your order may or may not be delivered before the possible dispute begins. The orders placed during the possible dispute will be packed, but cannot be shipped until the possible dispute is over.  If you decide you would like to change your shipping option after placing your order, the below options are available.  Please contact us for any changes you would like to make.
  • UPS or FedEx. Spool3D continues to offer shipping with real time quotes from these two carriers.
  • Other Carriers. We can accommodate other carriers such as Purolator or Greyhound.  If you prefer these options, please select "Canada Post Disruption Service" for your shipping option.  Please place your carrier choice in the order notes.  We will pack your order, get a quote from  the carrier and send a PayPal invoice for the shipping portion.
  • Free shipping on orders over $140.  We have changed free shipping to use FedEx Ground service.  This shipping option currently uses Canada Post's regular parcel service.  If the disruption goes forward, Spool3D will still offer to cover the actual costs of the regular parcel service from Canada Post.  Please select the shipping service you desire and we will refund the actual cost to ship your order using regular service from Canada Post.  If you would still like to use the free shipping option through Canada Post we will pack your order and ship after the possible dispute is over.
  • Local Pickup.  Always available if you are in or coming to the Calgary area.

Please see the Canada Post website and the CUPW website for updated details on the potential work disruption.