MKS TFT35 v1.0 Touch Screen


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MKS TFT35 Touch Screen

MKS-TFT35 is a colorful touch screen LCD, designed by MAKER BASE(MKS) and suitable for many  open source 3D Printers. MKS-TFT35 is suitable for many 3D printer control boards, such as MKS Base, MKS Gen, MKS Mini, as well as MKS SBase.


  • 3.5 inch colorful touch screen LCD
  • Reserve WIFI interface´╝îsupport WIFI function by adding WIFI module.
  • Three themes, two styles, provides users with more choice.
  • Allowed to self-design the interface of booting logo and all buttons.
  • Allowed to add at most 13 customized function buttons.
  • Update the configuration and firmware by SD card, easily operate.
  • Support Marlin, Repetier and Smoothieware firmware, and don’t need to modify the master program.
  • Works with MKS series controller boards developed by Makerbase - this size doeswork with RAMPS 1.4.
  • Supports “print from breakpoint” function,“print from power outage” and “filament detect” function.
  • Supports “auto off after printing finishes” function with “auto off after printing finishes” module.

Package Contents:

  • MKS TFT35 v1.0 touch screen
  • ribbon cable


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