E3D NEMA17 35N-cm 'Compact but Powerful' Stepper Motor


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This motor is lighter and shorter than a typical NEMA17 motor, however it produces almost as much torque. It is suitable for driving geared or direct extruders and is used on our Titan extruder. It is also suitable for printer axes, provided they are light duty, eg: a dual leadscrew Z axis that uses 2 motors.


Manufacturer Motech
Model No. MT-1703HSM168RE
Holding Torque 35 N-cm
Shaft 5mm OD
Rated Voltage 2.8v
Stepping Angle 0.9°
Rated Current 1.68A/phase
Size 40mm

Package Contents:

  • NEMA17 stepper motor
  • Cable

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• NEMA17 35N-cm 'Compact but

very good
Posted by Jean Peloquin, July 09, 2018

Not quite pancake.

Great for a direct drive extruder, but if you're looking to save weight and have a geared extruder like the Titan, go for a pancake motor instead. I got this to go with my E3D Titan Aero as this was recommended, only to find out that most printable extruder mounts expect you to have a smaller sized pancake motor.
Posted by undefined, June 26, 2017