Duet 3 Mainboard 6HC v1.0


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Duet 3 Mainboard 6HC

The Duet 3 Mainboard is a next generation controller board that builds on Duet3D's experience in developing the most flexible and expandable 3d printer control solutions. It is the core of the Duet 3 family which provides control for a wide range of machines including 3D printers, CNCs, lasercutters and more. The overall aim with the Duet 3 series is to allow for maximum flexibility of machine design through highly capable main boards, expansion boards, smart tool boards and custom expansion modules. The flexibility of configuration and advanced features are enabled by our innovative RepRapFirmware 3 running on the Duet 3 Mainboard and DuetSoftwareFramework running on a single board computer.

See the documentation links below for a full feature set, in summary:

  • Powerful 32 Bit Processor (ARM Cortex M7 @300Mhz)
  • Dedicated High speed bus to a single board computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) for the user interface and plugins
  • 6 Next Generation Trinamic 5160 stepper drivers running at up to 4A RMS, 5.6A peak with firmware control of the full feature set including up to 256 microstepping, StallGuard 2 and StealthChop2
  • 2 CAN-FD buses that support the next generation of Duet3D expansion boards, smart tools and custom addons. initial target is support for up to 8 x 3 channel expansion boards (another 24 stepper channels).
  • 10 PWM outputs of varying current capacities support a high current heated bed, 3 extruders and 6 fans.
  • 9 IO ports for endstops, probes, filament monitors and other sensors.
  • 4 Thermistor/PT1000 inputs and support for 4 PT100/thermocouple inputs via the optional daughterboards.
  • Connect via PC, tablet or smartphone on the same network to the onboard web interface.
  • Set up your printer and update the firmware through the web interface.
  • All common 3D printer geometries are supported
  • Support for a wide range of Z probes including DC42’s IR Z probe and the Duet3D Smart Effector for delta printers.

Duet3 Expansion Board 3HC is available here.

The documentation for Duet 3 is under development: initial information is here:

What's in the box:

  • Duet 3 6HC main board

Buy a Duet 3 main board board from #Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Duet3d mb6hc Ethernet

Excellent product
Posted by Olam, February 02, 2021

Not that bad after all..

Dont think you will receive any costumer service, but it is by far the easiest board I had to work with.. Step 1: get a pi and a duetpi image. Step 2: make sure there is no sd card in the board. Step 3: follow the really simple instruction on duet website.
Posted by Jonathan Binette, July 23, 2020

Duet3d 3

Very good board .
Posted by ALEXANDER CHANDRINOS, July 22, 2020

Duet 3D does not honour warranty - Stay clear of Duet 3D

If you want a professional board, do not buy this board. Duet 3D does not honor their warranty: Repair/Replacement policy. If the product meets the terms of the limited warranty cover we will: at our discretion, repair the product or replace it with a new or repaired product, of equivalent or more recent version; refund the cost of shipping the product to us by the most appropriate economical means (We will confirm this by email with you when you request a warranty return); cover the cost of shipping the repaired product or warranty replacement back to you by a postage method of our choosing. not cover taxes, duties or other import/export charges on warranty returns, however we will mark the package clearly as a warranty return.
Posted by Kenneth Sands, July 09, 2020

Amazing. Works like a charm and opens up what you can do

This is the best thing I put on my 3D Printer. It opens up what you can do sooo much it's ridiculous. You can fine tune the board at will and the interface is wonderful. Support is great through the forum. Tons of knowledge and new users (like I was) are welcomed and helped throughout. Not for the novice though as it requires some skills to install and get running but for a tinkerer, it is wonderful. I own 4 of these boards now! :-)
Posted by Seb, June 28, 2020

Seriously not worth the extra money

The user interface work about half the time, and they offer 0 costumer support (duet3d). When you try to contact them they send you to a forum. If I havent used the connector I would return it 100%.
Posted by Jonathan Binette, June 23, 2020