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CreatBot PEEK-300 is an industrial grade 3D printer, focusing on high performance materials such as PEEK, PEKK, PEI (Ultem), etc. It is designed for high reliability and economical 3D printing of high performance functional materials. CreatBot has more than three years of PEEK 3D printer manufacturing experience, and has a wealth of 3D printing experience and material identification experience for various high performance materials such as PEEK, Ultem. Creatbot headquarters is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China, and they have multiple manufacturing and research facilities dedicated to the highest manufacturing design and quality standards.

Creatbot can guarantee that PEEK-300 3D printer is comparable to any PEEK 3D printer in performance as far as you know. PEEK-300 3D printer's leading position in the world is determined by the temperature of the nozzle, hot bed or constant temperature chamber, water cooling system and the world's most advanced controlled thermosetting technology. However, it is more competitive and attractive in terms of price, and it is suitable for the customization needs of high-performance materials in scientific research, medical, military, and advanced manufacturing.

Internationally, the company works with industry leaders, to provide state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions that are optimized for the specific needs of the industry and organization. Today, CreatBot 3d printers are supported and trusted by industry leaders, such as Volkswagen Group, NASA, Airbus, Bosch, TE Connectivity, School of Materials Engineering, Oxford University, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, China University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a number of confidential scientific research units in China.

Direct Annealing Temperature: 0-400°C

Direct Annealing System (DAS), the world's first and extraordinary technology by CreatBot. Annealing process is instant controllable during printing. It aims to provide best quality parts in one time without warping and cracking printing of big size functional materials. (The technology is patent protected and available by CreatBot only)

Smart Auto-rising dual extruders 500 ℃
The PEEK-300 equiped with CreatBot new technology smart Auto-rising dual extruders. Water cooling, DAS system, Auto-rising extruders. The dual nozzle temperature up to 500°C. You can print any 3D printer materials in the world. We can say it is best choice of polymer materials.

Hotbed 200 ℃
Common but necessary. Base of printing big models with no warping.

Hot Chamber 120°C
Outstanding and important. The protector of no cracking printing.

Triple Heat Isolation
Triple heat isolation is made of double insulation chamber, advanced insulation materials and vacuum double PC boards. It is guarantee of ultra performance and safety.

Cooling System
Cooling system is one of the important parts to constitute the whole thermal system. It is made of

  • liquid cooling. Circulating liquid can be used effectively for a long time.
  • Air pump cooling. Air pump provide cold air from outside instead of hot air inside chamber.

HEPA Air Filtration
The air filter system can adsorb impurities and gases that generated by printing special filament, more safe and environmental protection which is more suitable for house, school, office space.

Build Volume Single Extrusion: 300x300x400 mm
Dual Extrusion: 240x300x400 mm
Filament Diamete:r 1.75mm
Number of Nozzles: Dual Extruder
Print Speed: 10-150mm/s
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm (0.3~1.0mm optional)
Filament Compatibility Engineering Plastics: PLA, ABS, ASA, PC, Nylon, PETG, PVDF,TPU, Carbon Fiber
High temperature Material: UltraPA, UltraPA-GF, UltraPA-CF, PPSU, PEI(ULTEM);
Ultra-performance material: PEEK,CF-PEEK (Carbon fiber), GF-PEEK (glass fiber), PEKK, etc.

Software: Creatware, Simplify3D, Cura, Slic3r
Operating Systems: Win7/8/10
Print File Type: STL, OBJ, AMF, Gcode

Special Function
Outage Restored: Save data when power is off
Filament Detection: Pause printing when filament runs out
Direct Annealing System (DAS): Annealing process is instant controllable during printing. It aims to provide best quality parts in one time without warping and cracking printing of big size functional materials.
Heat insulation: Triple heat insulation
Emergency stop switch: Support emergency stop
High temperature accessories: High temperature resistance motors, linear rails, belts and circuits to ensure long time high temperature printing.

Nozzle Max. Temperature: 500℃
Chamber Temperature: 120℃
Platform Max. Temperature: 200℃
Direct Annealing Temperature: 0~400℃

Cooling: Air pump cooling & water cooling
Platform: PCB aluminum + PEEK print board
Positioning Precision: X Y axis 0.0127mm, Z axis 0.00125mm
Extruder: Direct Drive
Machine Construction: Fully enclosed hot chamber
Bed Leveling: Manually/Automatic

Input Power: 2 x 200V~240V, 20A
Rated Power: 4600W
Screen: 4.3'' full color touch screen, multi-language
Print Method: USB Connectivity/USB Disk

Size & Weight
Machine Size: 650x600x750 mm
G.W: 100 kg
Packing Size: 820x720x1080mm
N.W: 130 kg

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