Creality Carborundum Glass Plate

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Creality Carborundum Glass Plate

Easy to remove model within one minute
After the hot bed is cooled, the model can be easily removed without using any tools.
Technical principle: The coating of the composite material has a microporous structure.The filament will be released due to reduction of platform temperature and shrinkage of composite materials, which makes the model remove easily.

High viscosity and strong adhesion
There are the high viscosity, no warping and fine surface, no need to use texture paper and solid glue.
Technical principle: composite nano molecule coating has high viscosity after heating, which makes the model have strong adhesion.

Easy to clean

After you have used for several times,the platform can be cleaned by using alcohol.
Technical principle: there is a protective film on the surface of the composite coating.

High hardness and durable
Wear resistant and scratch resistant.
Technical principle: this is the combination of chemically tempered glass and surface composite coating. Inorganic coating is covered. The hardness can be up to 8 Mohs, the hardness is better than aluminum and copper. it can resistant to 400℃ and be used repeatedly without reducing performance.

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So far so good

I damaged my original glass so I bought two more. I have noticed a distinct colour difference in the two new ones. One looks like the original, the other is much darker. Time will tell if they both hold up.
Posted by Dan, June 20, 2023

Do not buy

This thing is horrible. 80% of my prints fail, I have had 2 of them thinking maybe the first one was defective. I have done everything suggested with this thing and nothing works. Like I said 80% of the prints fail at some point. I will think it is all secure on the first layer, come back an hour later and the print is off the bed and I just have a lot of strings.
Posted by Ryan, June 17, 2021

Coating Came off on 3rd Print

Was enjoying the easy removal compared to the sticker style build plate. That was until on the 3rd print after it had fully cooled (6hrs) it tore off 2 chunks of the coating material making it now completely useless. Not sure if it was a manufacturing defect or not but pretty disappointing since it was only the 3rd job.
Posted by Roger Smetaniuk, January 22, 2021

Night and Day Difference!

I have a new CR-10S Pro V2 and while I had no problems with adhesion on the stock build plate, it was quite a challenge to get the parts off the plate after a print. This plate makes it a breeze! Typically it's pretty easy to get the parts off the plate even if the bed is still cooling down but if it's a big print it may stick a bit still. Just let it cool all the way down and the piece will be completely unattached. tip : don't use a scraper or anything else on the plate. You will scratch it. If a part won't come off. Just let it cool to room temperature. You will literally be able to move it with your pinky finger of the plate after that.
Posted by Peter Warrick, January 12, 2021


Love how prints just pop off after they are done.
Posted by Lorne Cadick, August 18, 2020

So Glad We Purchased These

We had one printer at our Maker Space that had an old piece of common tempered glass as a build plate. It worked great - until it broke. We decided to give the magnetic mats a try as they were supposed to make the removal of prints easy as you can flex the mat to peel off the prints. At a maker space where you have loads of people playing with flexible mats, it was inevitable that they got creased and uneven, screwing up prints. The Carborundum Glass Plate had great adhesion and, after they cool, the prints pop off with ease. I forgot how important it is to have a perfectly flat build surface. As for how long these keep their properties (easy removal of builds, etc), that is to be seen. So far, pretty darn happy.
Posted by Brian Space McIntosh, July 17, 2020