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BuildTak is proud to announce the latest addition to our line of 3D printing accessories called the BuildTak FlexPlate system. As a company dedicated to trying to make the 3D printing experience easier, our two part system, is meant to take the hassle out of print removal. 

The system is comprised of two components: the BuildTak FlexPlate and our unique magnetic mounting base. Together, they make a system that eases the print removal process like never before. 

How does it work? Simple. Attach our FlexPlate to your print bed through our unique magnetic mounting base. Developed in a variety of sizes, we have ensured that this product can be used for a multitude of printers to bring our technology to the masses. The magnetic mounting base simply snaps into your 3D printer by attaching to the metal frame of your print bed. 

Once the FlexPlate and magnetic mounting base are installed in your printer begin printing away onto the top of the FlexPlate, which will come with a sheet of BuildTak installed. Once the print is finished, easily detach the FlexPlate from the magnetic mounting base and flex the plate back and forth. The prints will pop right off!


  • 1 – BuildTak sheet
  • 1 – BuildTak FlexPlate
  • 1 – BuildTak Magnetic Base

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The best build platform there is.

I don’t know why I tried getting by with cheap alternatives. Now everything sticks, period. Never going with another build platform setup again.
Posted by Jason Wiebe, March 18, 2021

awesome buid plate system

This is an awesome build plate system. I installed this on my jg aurora a5 printer. The mag plate installed onto the bed no problem (once I got the stock glass plate off). It fit well and attached easily with the sticky back on the surface. The flex plate grips well to the magnetic base. No issues with sliding etc., it stays put. The problem I had was with the black buildTak surface. It Installed fine, but I printed too close (I was more accustomed to glass), and the print would not release. Pretty much destroyed the surface in short order. Now replacements are available so just a costly lesson for me. What I did do though was purchase a new buildTak PEI surface to go on the flex plate. Stuck down with no issues. The PEI surface is really nice. Need no heat for TPU and Only need about 60 C temp for PLA and PETG. You don’t need high temps for PETG and you don’t need glue or hair spray or tape, etc. These materials stick fine on their own. You do Need a bit more gap from the tip to the surface with this material and less heat than I needed for glass ( I was using 80C for glass with PETG or glue stick at lower temps). With the PEI on the flex plate all sticks really well. Lift the plate from the magnetic bed and bend or flex it to release. TPU is a bit more tricky to release since it’s not rigid.
Posted by Rick Fedorowicz, December 19, 2018

very handy upgrade

I use a prusa i3 mk2s. I removed the original pei sheet from the heated bed and removed the epoxy with a turpentine soak. The flex plate self adheres to the heated bed and the inductive sensor on the prusa picks up the flex plate for leveling. Im happy with the purchase. Very convenient prinylt removal with this.
Posted by Christopher Milne, November 22, 2017

Saved repeat trips to emergency room

After slicing into my finger to the tune of seven stitches I invested in this system. Being able to easily remove the build plate, bend it beneath the print job to have it loosen or simply snap free of the build surface makes it so I don't have to use putty knives or scrapers to remove parts. Has paid for itself many times over.
Posted by John Benson, September 13, 2017

Simply Awesome

Got injured trying to pry my printed materials and ended up having to get stitches. Then I found this product. I already use BuildTak for my printing surface as it has amazing adhesion regardless of the product (although ABS is still a bit dodgy). Being able to quickly remove the print bed from the magnets, which have incredible holding strength, and flex the part right off the surface is a much safer method than trying to pry them off. Can not recommend this product highly enough - get one, and you'll not regret it.
Posted by John Benson, December 20, 2016