Bondtech Heat-break Kit for Prusa Mini


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To solve Heat-creep
This Stainless Steel heat-break made by Bondtech for the Prusa Mini addresses and solves the heat-creep issues revealed during the extensive testing we performed on the Prusa Mini.

The adjusted length of the PTFE tube also prevents clogs to form between tube and heat-break.

Included in this kit:

  • 1x 32×5.48 mm stainless steel heat-break
  • 1x 35.3 mm 2/4 chamfered PTFE tube
  • 1 x packet of thermal grease (May 14, 2020 and forward)

We recommend to use thermal paste to properly fit the Bondtech heat-break in the Mini’s heat-sink.

Notes on twisting the heat-break
To address the heat creep issue the design features a narrower section with thinner walls. When removing the heater block or changing nozzles, caution is required.

Before removing the heater block from the heat-break (or vice versa), heat-up the nozzle, hold the heater block and release some tightening pressure from the nozzle. Let the whole group cool down. After, you can simply unscrew the heat-break from the heater block.

To remove or replace a nozzle, never forget to secure the heater block before twisting the nozzle.

Find the Step By Step Guide to install the Bondtech Heat-break for Prusa Mini here

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Bondtech Heat-break Kit for Prusa Mini

The heat break is relatively easy to install, but took longer than they suggest. Their time estimate probably assumes that your hot end is clean and not covered with plastic residue like mine. This review is a bit premature since I have only been printing PETG since installation so I don't know yet if my heat creep issue with PLA has been resolved. However PETG has been printing with no issues.
Posted by Stewart, April 06, 2021