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Bluecast CR3A Curing Liquid - 250g


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Cr3a CURING LIQUID is a special liquid for the curing of BlueCast Cr3a resin.

A 250 gr bottle of Cr3a Curing Liquid is recommended for the curing of 2 kg of resin.


  1. Remove the prints from the build plate
  2. Wash the prints in ethyl alcohol 90% to 99%
  3. Dry the patterns with compressed air for best results
  4. Place the prints in a vessel / plastic cup - Fill the vessel with CR3A CURING LIQUID in order to fully submerge patterns
  5. Place the vessel with the patterns inside at UV oven for 30 / 40 min according lamp power and patterns size
  6. The UV cure is done when the pattern color will be BLU
  7. Wash with tapered water and dry with air AND GO TO CAST

Package contents:

  • 250 gram bottle of BlueCast Cr3a curing liquid

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