Aluminum 2020 Delta Corners


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Aluminum corners for delta style 3d printer assembly.  Designed for 2020 aluminum extrusion frames.

  • Accepts idlers with 3mm bore for 6mm belt
  • Accepts idler screws M3x25mm

Package Contents:

  • 3 x small 2020 aluminum corners (delta 3d printer top)
  • 3 x large 2020 aluminum corners (delta 3d printer bottom)

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4 out of 5 (based on 2 ratings)
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A Great Improvement

If you're having trouble making your Delta resist flexing or swaying these are a huge step up from the usual plastic corner pieces. I'm taking one star off simply due to the difficulty of accessing the screws to mount the motor. There aren't any through-holes to tighten them and there's not quite enough room for a normal-sized hex-key to reach them from the sides. Fortunately, hex-keys are inexpensive and can be "adjusted" with a saw or dremel to give you more clearance. Once you've got them installed they are rock-solid and your printer is much less prone to twisting or shaking during high-speed movements. Ringing and ghosting were significantly reduced on my prints after this upgrade.
Posted by Stephen Wood, May 27, 2019

Better than plastic.

I have not yet deployed the set. They look a lot nicer than the plastic parts that came with my original kit. Some cleanup was required as excess material was left around the holes. The extrusion mounting holes are 5mm. The vertical rod holes are 8mm and have 4mm tapped grub screw holes (the only holes that are tapped). You will need a 25mm long 3mm rod and some way to secure it as the holes are untapped.
Posted by Andrew Haines, March 03, 2019