6k MONO LCD Print Screen - Halot Sky 2022


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Replacement MONO 6k LCD print screen for Creality Halot Sky 2022 resin 3D Printer. This can also be used in the original Halot Sky - please see solution below.

What's in the box:

  • replacement Mono LCD
  • ribbon cable

Installing a Halot SKY 2022 screen in the original Halot SKY:

  1.  Replace the screen with Halot-Sky 2022 screen.
  2.  Update the firmware to the latest version V2. 234.10 or above.
  3. Motherboard firmware must be 'renamed' using software available from Creality/Spool3D.
  4.  When slicing, you need to upgrade the HALOT BOX to version or above, and choose the HALOT-SKY 2022 model (Because this solution does not replace the middle board and printing platform kit, it does not support the print size of HALOT-SKY 2022 198*123 *200mm, but fully meets the original 192*120*200mm printing size of HALOT-SKY. Note: If the customer forcibly prints the maximum size of 198*123*200mm of HALOT-SKY 2022 when slicing, it will cause the outer edge of the model to be missing.

Buy a Creality Halot Sky replacement 4k LCD print screen from Spool3D in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!

Manufacturer Part Number: 4001150013


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