24V Cooling Fan - Ball Bearing - 40mm x 40mm


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  • Size: 40mm x 40mm x 10mm
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Startup Voltage: 12V
  • Current: 0.15A
  • 7000 rpm
  • CFM: 7.02
  • Static Pressure m(Inch-H2O): 4.51
  • dB-A: 33
  • Weight: 14g
  • Cable Length: 70cm
  • Ball Bearing

Package Contents:

  • 24V Model 4010 Cooling Fan

Buy a cooling fan from #Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!

SKU: BB-FAN24-4010


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Fan was easy to install - works great

This worked well and was easy to install.
Posted by Dave DaveDave, February 24, 2023

The fan works! I ended up not needing it, but I liked the business, so here's my review to help out.
Posted by James Hannan, July 17, 2020

24v 40mmx10mm Fan

Fan works. Had issues at first with the fan not working with variable speeds, but changed the PWM to 100 and now it idles down properly instead off turning off. It is being used as a hotend fan controlled by a Duet Wifi board.
Posted by Kent Lange, July 08, 2019

24V Cooling Fan - Ball Bearing - 40mm x 40mm

replaced a sleeve bearing fan and am enjoying the lower noise level
Posted by Lawrence, April 28, 2019

Replacement 24V 40mm BB part cooling fan for an identical item that vibrated.

This replacement fan is significantly quieter at all speeds as the motor/blades are better balanced. Overall a good durable fan for hot end cooling if its to be running at max continuously when 3D printer is on.
Posted by Hans, November 07, 2018

40mm replacement fan

I am impressed with the fast and efficient service from Spool3D!! I had my parts in 3 days. I am waiting for 3 months for the same parts from China. Still not here!! The fan fit my Tevo Tornado hotend like a glove!! I trimmed the wires shorter and soldered a 2 pin plug on it so it could be changed out if need be!! No problems so far!! Thanks, Spool3D!!
Posted by Muryl Marler, October 08, 2018

Replacement for noisy stock sleeve bearing fan in CR10 Ender3.

This BB fan replaces the original sleeve bearing main board cooling fan which is now hardwired directly to the main 24v line from the PSU at the terminal of the board. It runs continuusly on turning the 3d printer on to cool the stepper motor heat sinks, CPU heat sink and 4 stepper smoothers with all related wiring in the fairly confined space.
Posted by Hans, September 29, 2018