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PanelDue Display Driver

Please read available online resources for connections. We are not responsible for board damage that is caused by being misinformed.

The PanelDue is a full-colour touch-sensitive graphical control panel for 3D printers. Although primarily intended for use with Duet electronics, it should also work with other 3D printer electronics that supports a true serial port and includes the required support in the firmware.

Features include display of up to 6 hot end temperatures (up to 4 using the 4.3 inch screen), control of temperatures, head position, extrusion factors and many other parameters, display of print status and time to completion, print pause/resume/cancel buttons, and a touch keyboard allowing you to enter almost any gcode command. It works with any 3D printer electronics that supports a true serial port and includes the required support in the firmware, for example Duet and RADDS.

To avoid burdening the main printer electronics with the task of updating the display, the PanelDue has its own 32-bit ARM processor.

You need to add a compatible 4.3, 5 or 7 inch TFT screen with touch panel.

The photographs on this page show the PanelDue controller board paired with a 7 inch touch screen.


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Display driver

I must confess I am merely a user of said product and wouldn't know a good one from a bad one until it broke down of course. I can only assume it is working correctly as the panel is working correctly and one needs the other to complete the circle.
Posted by ToolBuilder, August 30, 2019

No issues and works great

Connection was simplicity its self; both to the Duet WiFi board and to the TFT screen. Only issue you should be aware of is that all the Thingiverse designs I could find for cases appear to be for the one-piece 5i or 7i PanelDue screens, so be prepared to modify prints or create your own.
Posted by Russell Smalley, July 17, 2019