MISUMI - Straight Precision Linear Shaft - 8mm

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These high quality smooth rods are cut by Misumi Engineers with lathe precision and they are heat treated hardened steel which should last for ultra long time in a 3d print environment. You can install both on MK3 and MK2/S.

Misumi LMU8 linear bearings also available.

Misumi LMUW8 linear bearings also available.

What's Included:

  • 1 x linear rod of specified length and tolerance

Buy 8mm Misumi linear shafts in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Motion, constrained!

Ive built 14 printers with these rails and bearings. The trick is to make sure you prep the bearing right before installing. never slide the bearing over the rail before prep because there can be dirt or debris in the housing that can cause permanent damage to the surfaces. Ive been using break cleaner. Spraying the string of balls at a 45 degree angle will rapidly circulate them bringing any particles out. I then use compressed air to do the same thing to jet out any remaining oil or dirt. be sure to do this in a well ventilated area or wear a P100 mask, break clean and other solvents are extremely harmful to breath in. Pack with them with a pea size dab of super lube or some other silicone based lube. Use 2 rods, one entering each end of the bearing to compress the grease hydraulically forcing the grease into the tracks of the balls, then run the bearing up and down the rod to fully circulate the grease. Wipe away any excess. The result is a silky smooth slide with very minimum lash! There is a small amount of preload and it is very consistent using the more expensive H5 rails. Spend the money, do not use generic rails, you would be wasting a perfectly good engineered to perfection bearing otherwise!
Posted by LeckieTech, August 13, 2020