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Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder for Creality CR-10 / Ender 3 Printers

$79.00 - $134.00

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Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder is a drop in system for CR10 / Ender Printers

  • No modification required, simple plug and play
  • No printed brackets or sandwiches


  • Dual-drive train
  • Hardened tool steel, CNC precision cut gears
  • Adjustable filament grip
  • Easy filament loading
  • Short, highly constrained filament path
  • Prints flexible filaments with high speed and accuracy
  • Outstanding extrusion control
  • Lightweight aluminum body


  • Creality CR-10 (Will NOT directly fit CR10 V2)
  • Creality CR-10-S5
  • Creality CR-10-S4
  • Creality CR-10S
  • Creality CR-10 MINI
  • Creality CR-20 / Creality CR-20 Pro
  • Ender 2
  • Ender 3
  • Ender 3 Pro
  • Ender 3 V2 *Fits V2 with printable Fan Shroud


We notice a recent extruder stepper motor update on Creality machines. Before ordering this kit, please check your extruder stepper motor. If your extruder motor gear is pressed in, you will need to purchase a new stepper motor to be able to complete the installation.

What's In The Box:

  • 1 x Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend (If option selected)
  • 1 x Main Extruder body
  • 1 x Extruder Lever
  • 1 x Spring Pin
  • 1 x Spring
  • 2 x Gears
  • 1 x Knob
  • 1 x Sholder Pin
  • 2 x M5 20mm Nulon Patch Bolts
  • 1 x M5 30 Bolts
  • 1 x M5 Nulon Lock Nut
  • 1 x M5 Washer
  • 1 x Extention Cabel
  • 3 x M3 Motor Mounting Screws
  • 2 x M3 Bolts
  • 2 x M3 Nuts
  • 5 x Zip Ties
  • 1 x Printed Bracket
  • 1 x Beveled Capricorn Liner
  • Stepper motor and roller wheels are not included

Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Installation Instructions PDF

Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Installation Instructions Video

CNC Machined and Assembled in USA

Buy a Micro Swiss direct drive extruder for your Creality CR-10 or Ender in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder for Creality CR-10 / Ender 3 Printers

This kit requires you to disassemble your old extruder and salvage the parts to complete the new direct drive extruder, That was a bit unexpected but not much of an issue, the guides are decent. The real problem is that this is not directly compatible with the Ender 3v2. If you have a v2, you will need to have already printed a different fan shroud or purchase an original Ender 3 fan shroud to use with this product. If you did not know that going in, you will get the joy of taking the new extruder apart to go back to the original configuration and print a new fan shroud and then take it all apart and reassemble the new extruder again, adding lots of extra time and effort.
Posted by Robert, March 02, 2021

Easy install

Great upgrade. Easy to install. Prints well with PLA, TPU, and PETG that I’ve tried so far.
Posted by Glenn Fines, February 01, 2021

Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder for Creality CR-10 / Ender 3 Printers

Excelent product, performs great and very easy to install.
Posted by Kevin, August 26, 2020

excellent extruder setup

I bought this extruder for an Ender 5 and received it before the printer showed up. and I'm glad I ordered it without realizing that it isn't actually designed for use with the Ender 5. The belt drive is different between the Ender 3/Cr-10 and the Ender 5 so out of the box you can't use it on the Ender 5. Luckily someone posted an adapter plate on Thinigiverse so that you can use it on the Ender 5. This extruder works extremely well, I have printed NinjaFlex with it at speeds up to 80mm/s. It also works extremely well with the Micro Swiss Mk8 0.2mm nozzles. I'm very please with this extruder and cannot recommend it enough.
Posted by Farrell, May 11, 2020

Micro Swiss Direct drive for ender 3 or CR-10

Well I bought this to use on my ender 5 and didn't realize that the belt is actually different on the Ender5 than it is on the CR-10 or the Ender 3. But luckily there is an adapter plate on Thingiverse that you can print to make it work. And boy does this extruder work awesome. I'm able to print NinjaFlex with it at speeds upwards of 60mm/s. That is just amazing. It also works fantastic with PLA and PETG. But that is all I have tried it with so far. If you are looking for the adapter plate try here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4337697
Posted by Farrell Baird, May 04, 2020