MGN12H Linear Guide and Block

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MGN12H Linear Rail and Block of selected length.

It is not recommended to disassemble blocks.  Damage to the bending fence, loss of ball bearings, or reinstallation of ball bearings to wrong side of block can occur.  Ball bearings are paired at factory to blocks according to manufacturing error and specified preload requirements. The green and red plastic parts are injection moulded and come with their own manufacturing and installation error tolerances - these may require a run-in stage. There is preload on these blocks and they will not "free fall" if rail is held vertical.

Set comes with corrosion inhibitor for shipping.  We suggest using sewing machine oil to lubricate properly prior to use in 3D printing.

Buy MGN12H linear guides in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!

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Working great so far

Drastically improved the quality of my prints. I was careful not to disassemble or run past the end stops. Cleaned out with WD40 first and then generous mineral oil for lubrication. Seems to roll fine. Machining quality is not the best but way better quality than I would have expected for the price. Holes and tolerances were dimensionally accurate throughout.
Posted by Craig, February 10, 2023

Had to RMA 2 of them, but after that I'm very satisfied

Ordered 3 of these, and two came to me loose enough to slide under their own weight (product page specifically calls this out). One of those two also bound up near the end. Both of these also had mounting holes that were clearly not drilled with any sort of precision. At least 1mm variance in hole locations. Sent those back and received two that were comparable to the one I didn't send back. Good tolerance, holes that line up (seriously how is it possible to get that wrong? I have no idea), and no binding. They are still rails that cost 1/5 of what proper hiwins cost, so they feel a little scratchy, but for hobbyist 3d printing, these are more than fine.
Posted by Patrick, August 16, 2022

Linear bearing

Be careful the are not real HIWIN bearing already lost 2 bearings ball on one of them .
Posted by Sebastien Dery, December 07, 2020