M3 Socket Head Cap Screw - Stainless Steel

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Socket head cap screw.

  • Size: M3
  • Length: varies
  • Stainless Steel


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Good quality screws

The screws I ordered were of good quality and machined within specifications.
Posted by Vlad, August 13, 2019

cant get any better than this

I love how I was invited to review a screw :). Where shall I start? It’s a fastener of the M3 variety, a long piece of threaded metal with a head on it. Indepsensible for holding your project together, coupled with an M3 nut or a threaded hole in metal or plastic. They don’t really taste too appetizing so I suggest you just go to the local grocery store to pick up a bag of so called nuts and bolts from the snack section (they taste better for real). But for fastening things I highly reccomend :)
Posted by undefined, October 09, 2017

Good quality

Great screws.
Posted by undefined, June 26, 2017

SS Cap Screws

Very good replacement for original pan head bolts.
Posted by Dr John Morrissey, October 25, 2016