E3D NEMA17 60mm 'Super Whopper' Stepper Motor


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This motor is for when you need extra power and motor mass is not an issue. Best used when you want a fast accelerating axis where the motor is static. Adjust steps/mm accordingly. 

If planning on using this motor, we suggest using a high current stepper driver such as the DRV 8825. While standard drivers such as the A4988 can produce the 2.0A rated current of this motor, this is at the limit of their specification so they may be prone to overheating, triggering their thermal overload protection. This will cause the motor to stop running, but won't damage any circuitry.


Manufacturer Motech
Model No. MT-1705HS200AE
Holding Torque 80 N-cm
Shaft 5mm OD
Rated Voltage 4v
Stepping Angle 1.8°
Rated Current 2 A/phase
Size 60mm

Package Contents:

  • NEMA17 stepper motor
  • Cable

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great motor

I ordered these steppers to replace some smaller ones on a printer I'm upgrading. They are supper quiet with the Duet3 board I'm running them at 1.8amps and they seem to have plenty of torque for the 1.5kg gantry and carriage system I have on that printer.
Posted by Farrell, May 11, 2020