Wanhao Duplicator 9/300 - MK2

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Wanhao Duplicator 9 3D printer

  • Extruder system :MK10 extruder with full metal hot end
  • Material support : Any material melting<=300’C
  • Max printable area: 300*300*400mm
  • Filament diameter : 1.75mm
  • Aluminum Case
  • Extruder Quantity: 1
  • Accuracy X 0.012mm Y 0.012mm Z 0.004mm
  • Net Weight(kg) 20kg
  • Gross Weight(kg) 22kg
  • Auto Bed Leveling
  • Packing size(cm) 60*50*35cm
  • Layer Thickness 100 micron- 400 micron
  • Build Surface: Heated Bed Plate and Wanhao Adhesive Sheet (magnetic)
  • Resume printing after power failure
  • LCD display English/Chinese/ customized any language
  • Power supply: 110 AND 250V(optional), 50/60Hz, 4.0A(input); takes standard IEC cable

MK2 Features:

  • smaller cable for extruder
  • locking pins on extruder cable socket
  • adjustable 4 roller system on double wide y-axis
  • new cooling fan
  • BLTouch auto bed leveling
  • Thicker belt and bearing for y-axis
  • support rods


  • 0.3kg PLA (random colour)
  • USB Cable
  • Extruder cleaning tool
  • Nozzle cleaning wire
  • Assorted hex tools
  • SD Card


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Great Upgrade from i3 Plus

I have been printing with this for a few weeks now, and I am very pleased with the auto bed leveling, as well as the upgraded head. Just remember to home xyz BEFORE the very first time you run the auto level, or you will crash the head into the gantry and potentially damage things. The i3 plus needed a bunch of upgrades to the head to print well, but the D9 head design is great right out of the box. I have printed with PLA, PETG, and TPU without needing any modifications from stock. Getting the perfect first layer height took many attempts at adjusting the proximity sensor (many 1/8 turn adjustments). Now that the first layer thickness is correct I am not having any adhesion problems. The frame is also extremely solid and rigid which helps for reliable printing. Overall I don't think the wheels are as good as linear bearings, but so far it has been pretty good. I noticed 1 tiny layer misalignment so far after about 20 prints. I have it hooked up to OctoPi, and it is a little annoying because the display refuses to work if the printer is turned on while the USB is plugged in, so I need to unplug the cable and cycle the power whenever I need access to the touch screen. I am very happy with this purchase, it was worth it for the extra print volume and bed leveling.
Posted by Ron, June 13, 2018