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Please read available online resources for connections. We are not responsible for board damage that is caused by being misinformed. www.radds.org

RADDS is the abbreviation of 'RepRap Arduino-Due Driver Shield' and is similar to the commonly used RAMPS 1.4, but leverages Arduino Dues' much higher computing power.  An Arduino Due clone can be purchased from SPOOL3D - Arduino Due

  • 6 motor driver such as 3-axis and 3 Extruder (equipped 2 driver with double Headers for parallel operation of 2 motors, eg z axis) 
  • max. 8 stepper motors possible
  • 6 high-current consumers, including: a warmed bed, 3 Hotend heaters and 2 fan
  • EEPROM, since the Due - unlike in Mega - No
  • Micro-SD slot on the board
  • Standard LCD (5 V) with eg 4x20 (controller HD44780 compatible) rotary encoder with pushbutton
  • 6 Endstop connections (3 x min and 3 x max..)
  • 5 thermistors and an ADC without a series resistor (eg heater bed temperature, 3 x Hotend-temperature, pressure-room temperature)
  • 3 servos (external power is required, 3.3V PWM)
  • I2C, SPI, CAN, DAC, RS232 and 8 digital pins are accessible via pin strips
  • control LEDs for power supply and high-current consumers
  • freewheeling diodes of the FETs
  • automotive fuses rather imprecise thermal fuses
  • load of a warmed-FET is at least 15 A without a heat sink
  • High quality screw
  • connecting Endstops, LCD, thermistors and SD card using the insulation displacement connectors and ribbon cables possible
  • operating with 10 - 25 V possible

Package Contents:

  • RADDS v1.5 circuit board

Buy a RADDS v1.5 circuit board from #Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Works good not much other choices for 32bit unless you spend $$ for a duet (duet wifi seems great but pricey), and having the external fuses and higher amperage on the bed side allows me to get rid of my SSR. Having two fan controls is great to tame the noisy e3d fan a bit. However, the DIP settings for the steps under the shield can be annoying when trying new settings or swapping drivers, not easy to remove the shield.
Posted by EMK, November 23, 2016