Inductive Probe - PL-08N2 - Bed Level Sensor


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The wiring in this probe is not designed for drag chains.  Please use different wiring.

BAT85 Diode

Inductive proximity switch for bed level applications.  Detects metal. Specification probe for Voron printers.

  • Type: Inductive Proximity Switch
  • Principle: Inductive
  • Wires: NPN (Three-Wires) NC
    • Brown = Positive
    • Blue = Negative
    • Black = Signal
  • Model Number: CJD-PL-08-N2
  • Detection Distance: 8mm±10%
  • Supply Voltage: DC6~36V
  • Standard Detected Object: Iron 30*30*1mm
  • Response Frequency: 0.2kHz
  • Working Temperature: -20ºC~70ºC(248-343k)

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